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  1. Hillbilly Still 5500 Controller + Element

    5500w/240 V = 22.9 amps max. If you can only get up to 18.5 amps then 18.5a x 208V = 3848w. You will need a stepup transformer to get anywhere near 5500w unless you can find an element rated 5500w @ 208v . This might get you close https://www.heritageparts.com/Manufacturers/Hubbell-Electric-Heater/HUBBELL-ELEMENT,-5000W,-208V/p/HBLC1315-4?gclid=CjwKCAjw4sLVBRAlEiwASblR-wA_VV59-EktAPSeGs_vM2jS5x4Ph3gMgI2nWH0cpqCo3ixS97CphxoCwNoQAvD_BwE
  2. How do you market your product?

    I am in the beginning phase of starting a distillery and trying to find ways to market my product. What can I expect from my distributor? Are on sight tastings worth the effort? Do distributors get upset if you go around them and speak directly to the customer? I work in sales, but this seams to be a different animal than I am used to. I appreciate any help you may offer.