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    Bottle Labels

    We do all sorts of printing for Craft Spirts and specialize in price effectiveness on small runs. Feel free to reach out for one of our free sample packs! Kody Swaim Kody@bluelabeldigital.com http://www.bluelabeldigital.com
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    Stupid label question

    Tampers, Tamper Strips, Tamper Seals are all common names for them. We use a slightly different adhesive for these that has a higher initial tack response so that they don't peel up. Its not uncommon to even see these foiled and embossed. We print a ton of these everyday, let us know if you would like a sample pack. Kody Swaim Kody@bluelabeldigital.com http://www.bluelabeldigital.com
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    Label Design

    We have a Designer Directory on our web-page that you may be interested in. These designers are not affiliated with us in anyway, but they have routinely come highly recommended by our customers, many of them Craft Distilleries. We always recommend reaching out to several sources to see which is the best fit.
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    Best label company

    We are very thankful for all the kind words of recommendation. We hold our craft spirits projects in the highest regard. Our mission is simple, fast and friendly service with leading edge quality. If you would like a free sample pack of our materials, are interested in a quote, or just have a few questions, we would be more than happy to help. Kody Swaim kody@bluelabeldigital.com 866.506.2583 ext# 169