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  1. Whisky77

    3 - 165 Gallon Lentina SS Tanks

    These tanks have been sold.
  2. Whisky77

    3 - 165 Gallon Lentina SS Tanks

    Yes, these tanks are still for sale. $3600 FOB.
  3. Up for sale are 3 - 165 Gallon Stainless Steel Letina Tanks with dish conical bottoms that were used as fermenters. They are in good condition except 1 has a small dent near the top. They are located in Maysville, KY. Asking $3,600 FOB for all 3 tanks. FermenterSchematic.pdf
  4. Whisky77

    Vendome Mash Cooker - 150 Gallon

    We are adding another still and keeping our existing 150 gallon pot.
  5. It's in Maysville, KY.
  6. We used this boiler to provide steam simultaneously to a 150 gallon mash cooker and a 150 gallon pot still. The LGB-4 boiler can be retrofitted to run propane, but requires a conversion kit from Weil McLain. I would talk with a qualified boiler contractor about the costs of making the conversion. Some more info here: https://www.weil-mclain.com/products/lgb-commercial-gas-boiler,
  7. Whisky77

    Vendome Mash Cooker - 150 Gallon

    It's in Maysville, KY.
  8. I have a used LGB-4 Boiler from Weil McLain up for sale. It's been a great boiler, in service since 2012, and I am only selling since it is time for a bigger unit. Will ship on 2 skids. Asking $3,000 FOB. More Details: Product Line - LGB Heat Exchanger Material - Cast Iron Fuel Type - Natural Gas Combustion Type - Conventional Vent Type - Chimney Vent DHW Production - No Modulating/Staging - Single Stage Mount Type - Floor Maximum Input Capacity - 400000 BTU Heating Capacity - 324000 BTU Net I=B=R Capacity - 282000 BTU Efficiency 81.0 % Efficiency Type - Combustion Efficiency Ultra Low NOx - Emissions No Voltage -120 Volts Phase 1 Frequency 60 Hz Dimensions Flue Connection Size - 10 Inches Supply Connection - 6 Inches Return Connection - 5 Inches Product Height - 50.375 Inches Product Width - 21 Inches Product Depth - 46.5 Inches Shipping Weight - 1500 Pounds