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    Muscat Distillate

    please call me at 917-292-1550
  2. DevilsBarrel

    South Jersey Partnership

    Amazing Opportunity to Open a Distillery in a 6000 square foot building in the middle of town across the street from the theater with city parking for 50 cars. We would consider a partnership, or you are welcome the rent out the whole building, feel free to call us today with your idea's This is a great opportunity for the right person with a great dream of establish a distillery business. We will support the marketing aspects of the business. We have the experiencing lunching companies, and are looking for the right partner, you handle the product we handle the sales. We have the ability to also sell products overseas, but I will not give away all our abilities! Feel free to contact me directly at 917-292-1550. Thank You, Ed 113N High Street View.pdf