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  1. when posting processing, storage and production reports, if shut down still in effect do we just print to the form and manually fill in/send in?
  2. SilverSwede

    Anton Paar DMA 5000

    We have acquired a used Anton Paar DMA 5000 at auction from Canada. Sadly the company has stopped supporting this model in favor of it's new DMA 5000M. We would like to get some training on the unit and confirm it's proper calibration. Can anyone suggest a lab or service technician. We are located in Western Massachusetts.
  3. Hello everyone and thank you for the add. Silver Bear Distillery is a start up in Dalton Massachusetts. We have all our licenses and permits and are now experimenting with different grains and recipes. We will be producing Vodkas, Aquavits, cordials and eventually single malt American whiskey. I am from southern Sweden originally where there is a strong tradition of craft distilling using locally sourced and seasonal materials and hope to bring that tradition to my corner of Berkshire county. We look forward to hosting many of you in our tasting room.