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  1. Barrels are medium in toast and medium in char, unfortunately I don't have more definitive specs. As far as new barrel requirements, we personally utilized these barrels as "used" to make whisky, though other distilleries used these barrels for bourbon because they are newly charred oak which does meet the definition for new oak. I think it's up to the distillery on how they classify them so long as they're consistent in their product lines with the classification of the wood. I have attached pictures of an opened barrel to give you an idea of the char.
  2. Hi there, I have 5 gallon barrels for sale. These barrels are unused but were made from the staves of full sized barrels that could've held tequila or bourbon. The barrels may need to be re-hydrated but are in great condition. They are branded with our company logo, Balcones, but otherwise are free of any other markings. In the past we have used these types of barrels for our Baby Blue blue corn whisky, but have outgrown the 5 gallon barrel size. I have about 80 pallets with each pallet containing 60 barrels. I am asking $75/per barrel but willing to negotiate the price per barrel for higher quantities. Prefer to sell by these by the pallet since they are already packaged accordingly. Message me for more details. Martin
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