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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think I prefer to use my own liquor vs buying GNS. Just wasn't sure if I needed to make a mash or just add in the flavoring after distillation.
  2. I've tried searching for this but found nothing. I love amaretto, and am interested in producing it once I have my license. Is there a recipe somewhere for this, or is it just a case of using GNS and adding in the flavoring?
  3. Chillyw

    Wash Ratios

    I've been searching for the answer to this and have yet to see one for rum. I have found it for whiskey and vodka, but not rum. Is there a standard ratio of molasses/sugar/yeast/water for making the wash? I.e. 1 pint molasses 1 pound sugar 1 oz yeast to one gallon water. Is it a 1:1 ratio? TIA
  4. I'm glad I found this forum. I've had a lot of my questions answered already just from reading. I have been a home brewer of wine and beer for nearly a decade, and am now interested in distilling. My son and I are looking at opening a craft distillery. We are not trying to be the next Jack Daniels or Bacardi. We want to be a small run distiller with a tasting room that creates the best spirits we can. I know I'll have a lot of questions, but hopefully I can find them by searching.
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