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  1. tzimis

    Subbing out production

    Good info thank you.
  2. tzimis

    Subbing out production

    I appreciate the resource and the info you provided. Im not sure which way I want to go. But, I've been eyeing your equipment ?
  3. tzimis

    Subbing out production

    Wow! Some great responses so far. Thank you. Someone asked. I'm located in a suburb of NYC. This will be a second business for me. My current business allows for some free time. I do like the idea of subletting the production. I've used 5 and 10 year non-competition contracts before in the passed. Are producer's in the distillation business using similar contracts? O' can one even become a distillery without a still?
  4. tzimis

    Subbing out production

    Im thinking of starting out with a very small distillery due to the failure rates I've seen. If my recipe works out and the product takes off. Could I theoretically sub out the production without risking that the recipe falls into the wrong hands?
  5. Hi, my name is Tzimis. I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I've bin lurking for a while and have learned much. Thank's to the community. I'm from NY and have seen how hard it is to do a start up. I know it requires a lot of money and knowhow but, I believe its now or never. Being a first generation Greek. Im interested in the fruit Brandy's. Pot still's are what we are use too. I currently have a successful business and wanted to partially move my interests into distillation and manufacturing. NY is pretty welcoming to farm distillery's but, the product I want to distill is found nowhere in NY. Which is a problem. I can source it over seas but that leaves me not conforming to regulations for a farm distillery. I wondering what the next step or steps will be. If you can provide some insight or advice would be welcomed.