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  1. Josh, I'm not sure you received the email I had sent earlier stating that I will take the still however would appreciate some help on getting it ready to ship to Vermont. Thanks, Ron
  2. Please email me so we are off main line. My email address is ron@smugglersnotchdistillery.com
  3. OK, I'll take all nine. Now on to the next steps. Is there a quantity discount?
  4. I am interested in purchasing all 9 pallets of the Bamboo 750 ml glassware if it is still available
  5. Shebest, Would you be willing to share from whom you are purchasing your new bottling line. We continue to fill one bottle at a time and it is beginning to wear on our employees. Thanks, Ron
  6. We are interested in a number of pieces of the equipment but can't seem to get a response to our inquiries.
  7. I'm looking for a Letina 165 gallon finishing / blending tank and if it were on wheels all the better.
  8. Looking to purchase a used 50 gallon electric still which hopefully you have outgrown.
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