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  1. Hi there - I'm still in the early stages of trying to start a craft distillery in Washington. I recently had an exciting breakthrough, when some family friends who own a business bought a new building and are offering some space in their large, new warehouse-type building, which they're currently renovating. The building would have completely separate spaces with completely separate entrances. They're renovating it to fit their office and retail spaces to lease. The space which they've offered me already has a great start with plumbing, sprinkler systems and in-floor drainage. I was refreshing myself on the TTB website and I came across this section and had some questions: Does this mean that operating a distillery in a building that has other businesses would be prohibited? Or would it only be permitted given certain requirements (like separate entrances)? Or is it fine as long as you let the TTB know? Or am I misreading this entirely? Thanks!
  2. Hi there - new to this forum, just made an account but have stalked it for a little over a year now. For the last two years I've been slowly trying to work closer to my dream of opening a craft distillery (gin) in Washington state and am really interested in the services ADI can provide. Particularly, under the Resources tab there's a section called Startup Business Plan. Can anyone tell me what this provides? Are these consulting services to help put together a startup plan, or something else? Thanks, and I look forward to participating here more!
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