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  1. In the market for +4 year bourbon for immediate purchase. No minimum quantity. I have a sources for MGPI 4 year...exploring alternatives and would have an interest in multiple orders. PM with info. Thank you and have a nice weekend.
  2. Hi, Has anyone had experience with the IBD Certificate/Diploma Programs or the Heriot Watt MSc Program? If so, how was your experience and did the course work create a solid/helpful foundation for starting/growing your distillery? Benefits/shortfalls? Thank you for any insight.
  3. Thank you Still_Holler. Will look into the closed loop. Land application could be a challenge being in the city. How big is your operation?
  4. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have experience using septic tanks for their operation's waste water? I've unfortunately had limited success finding info on this for distilleries. As a backdrop, I am considering a leased location for a startup distillery. However, this is a first where it did not use the city's waste. Any insights are greatly appreciated! Best, Brandon
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