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  1. I am selling my small distillery equipment. * 2-55 gallon stainless steel mash cookers $3000 each * 55 gallon stainless steel still with cooper reflux column $4000 * boiler $8000 * grain mill $1000 Thanks for looking.
  2. I bought the still from Affordable Distilling in Missouri. It is 55 gallons.
  3. The whole top is not removable. The only opening is the one you can see in the picture. It has a top that places on top and you seal it with a clamp.
  4. Yes I would. Would you want all five barrels? Would you also want the metal shelf that they are on? Thanks.
  5. I am trying to sell my distillery. If bought you will get everything, mill, stills, bottles, labels, license, etc. Here is a list of some of what comes with purchase. Asking $150,000 1- mill 2- 55 gallon steam jacketed mash tuns with agitators 1- 55 gallon steam jacketed stainless steal still with copper reflux column 1- boiler 1- 26 gallon electric stainless steal still with copper reflux column 1- 10 gallon copper pot still 5- 55 gallon stainless steal fermenter barrels 1- 2 bottle automatic filler 25- cases of empty 750ml Liberty bottles labels, some grains, license
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