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  1. Hey TEXANS..lawyer Rec?

    Thanks so much @BouldinBourbon for the rec. I’ll tell her you sent me. I visited your tasting room a few weeks ago. Awesome place. Cheers!
  2. Hi! I’m ready to get going on my suburban downtown microdostillery and I’m looking for a lawyer familiar with Texas to help with all of the intellectual property, TM, and DSP stuff. I’ve heard that lawyers with distillery specific experience are super helpful. Any suggestions? I’m just North of Austin. Thanks!
  3. Social Network

    Hey! I’m not sure if there is but I would love to be part of one if you start it. My day job is medicine and we have a specialty specific, closed group that requires “vetting” so that only legitimate folks are allowed on and it is such a good resource. We call it the “brain trust”.