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  1. Joint Venture with local Brewery

    Thanks guys. Definitely helpful, lots of good stuff on here if you know what you are looking for that's for sure.
  2. Hey all, I wanted to see if any of you have had experience or any potential success stories in starting up a distillery as a joint venture with an existing brewery? I've been researching several models and this seems to be the lowest barrier to entry. The venue already exists, hopefully they have production capacity available to produce your wash. Meaning all you should need is the actual still and associated equipment, barrels, etc. It would mean I would be able to focus solely on distilling and building the brand, potentially even tagging onto the success of their beer products if it made sense. From a capital perspective and from a mutual support perspective it is definitely attractive. Just looking to see if anyone else has done it and how it all worked out.
  3. Hi Everyone from NC

    who said what now? see, what actually happened was I fermented some grain wort and said.. hey, I bet I could distill this.. and never did anything else.
  4. Hi All. Coming to you from NC. Been working on pulling a plan together for a craft distillery in the NC mountains. Currently looking hard for some investors or a cofounder, anyone interested? I am probably relatively new to this, but have had a lot of fun with it already. Tried with some good success some of my own bourbon recipes and playing around with Gin now. A lot of cool ideas for pulling this together, but always looking for other ideas and thoughts.