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  1. Richard B

    250 Liter S/S Tanks

    The tanks are insulated. Pressure rating 50 psi at 350F. Vacuum rating -15 psi.
  2. Richard B

    250 Liter S/S Tanks

    We have nine 250 Liter Tanks previously used for product storage in Biotech manufacturing. The quality of these tanks is overkill for the distillery industry, but I have seen similar looking tanks for sale on this forum. 250 Liter - 316L S/S - electropolished interior surfaces - 6" sanitary port on top for mixer - 2" Tri Clover outlet - Spray Ball - Rupture Disk - Port for Swagelok Type Thermocouple on bottom - (Thermocouple not included). Please see attached photos. Cost: $2,500.00 each, or $2,000.00 each for all 9 Notes: Some tanks are on wheels - most are not. Pallet / Fork lift blades require 15" centers (not the normal 27" or 21") Shipping from SE Pa. NOT included in price Cost for shipping crate(s) if requested, also extra Thanks. Richard
  3. Richard B

    Hello Everyone.

    My name is Richard. I'm not into distilling craft whiskey, but I'm into drinking the stuff. I work for a Biotech company in SE Pa. We are in the process of expanding our facility and changing our sterile manufacturing process. We have many 316L Stainless Steel components that will becoming available. Such as tanks, pumps and filter housings. Because of the electropolished interior surfaces they are a bit of overkill for the distillery business, but they will be offered at very competitive prices. Again... these items are intended for use in biotech, but I have to believe that some may be of use to users of this forum. Regards. Richard