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  1. Drone

    Doing the pH panic..

    Take with a grain of salt. Backset might have lactic bacteria with it. They might be dropping the Ph. Try a batch with no backset and see if it has the same drop? Just do a complete clean out of the fermentor and I would say keep it away from others encase they might have something floating around in the air. A test I used to do is I would pull a small sample and cap it before I added yeast. Leave it alone and see if any bacteria growth takes over. If so that means two things could be going on. 1. Bacteria is in my what I thought was sterile batch. 2. Bacteria managed to get into the batch from the air.
  2. Drone

    Hello from south Texas.

    Oh that is just cheating 😄 she cannot drink her own product.
  3. Drone

    Citric acid wash for copper bubble plates

    A light citric acid solution combined with a ultra sonic bath. Works wonders on my 8 inch plates.
  4. Howdy, Been working as a distiller for over a year. I have that goof ball story of dropped out of college to risk it all going to work for a start up distillery. It has been a wild ride full of excitement and horror. Employee number 3 👍 So far I have learned so much but I still feel no matter how much I learn it only prompted more questions. My master distiller was a professional chemist for 12 years and a water engineer for 3 I think. I am truly blessed as he is a great resource when I have questions. We debate over everything and anything production related. I am very proud of the two awards our alcohol has won so far. 😄👍 I am still coming for someone's gold tho. I have a final question at 24 when I started last year am I the youngest independent distiller? I do the whole process from milling to ageing. Been doing it for over a year.