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  1. Evannnnnn! It's Aerial! Purple hair. Hit me up! (916)549-5813 Alo.ktfo@gmail.com
  2. Sheeeesh, you got me, I didn't think of that first, but that would certainly be a costly mistake! Thanks @Silk City Distillers, I'll call today
  3. This^ so much this. Yes! I can work with that! Thank you guys. The landlord is getting bids now for the maintenance. After that I'll have the financial numbers to finish this. @bluefish_dist this was exactly the formula I needed to sort things out. @indyspirits, not dissuaded at all. I couldn't just use other local distilleries numbers due to population size, and set up. One of them makes stills (shoutout to Headframe Distillery), and have multiple sites. If I was even more clueless the idea of "space" that would be a big shock in a year or two! Thanks to lots of behind the scene tours at distilleries I am already worried about space for packaging, bottles, and all the other stuff you just don't think about when you start out. I'm going to try to do a tank storage system from the main floor to the basement so I can barrel and do storage in the basement. Anyone have creative ideas on narrow space manuvers? In Montana and we're allowed to have a tasting room, which I imagine is how I'm going to make most of my profits because I have to sell to state liquor store; pluses and minuses to that. All in all, I'd rather be working for myself with small profit and call that hot mess my own than dealing with other people's fires. While I doubt I'll get rich I hope to be a small staple in my town and do alright. That's enough for me. Thanks for all the feedback again, and so quick! Hope to see you all at ADI next year, with a bottle and name of my own! A
  4. Hello, Thank you for reading. I am looking at opening a distillery but I still have no idea how to tackle the "How much do you want to make" question. Which also will determine still size. I know everyone in the business has started off with this question. How did you arrive at you answers? I am looking at my city population and demographics but that isn't exactly answering the question (60,000 people). The space I am looking at is a 25 ft by 100 ft building (2,500 sq ft) for the distillery, tasting room, and ... storage. I am looking at doing barrel storage in the basement to try and keep as many seats as possible. As far as what I want to make; it's the perfect asshole answer- like when people mention that the answers are out there. I am posting this in the beginners section bc clearly I'm new. I plan on making rum when filling orders for a local restaurant and then sticking to vodka, gin, and whiskey. Does anyone have some advice on how to arrive at an actual answer? A
  5. ABL


    Fermenter. Mash tun. Bottling line.
  6. Hello! Looking to start soon and trying to buy as much as possible, used. Will be checking back daily. Thanks!
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