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  1. i wonder if it is the tap water and something coming over in the distillation from it. we use ro water for ours.
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    when you chill filter you assist in dropping out any proteins and congeners that might have made it through distillation which will help the process of them being removed through filtering. if you use chill filtering, drop to about 20 degrees.
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    We have used a high micron charcoal filter and have had pretty decent results but are switching to chill filtered with plate and frame. I do not suggest using a pneumatic due to the fact that it is not a constant flow and more of pulsating which can mess with your filters. But unless you have an explosion proof pump, quite expensive, have to go that route of pneumatic i am sure you will be alright to n extent. hope that helps. cheers
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    Odin on Gin

    What would the cost of something like this be?
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    Odin on Gin

    yes could you do a workshop in the U.S if so do you have any ideas of where you would like to hold it and how much it would cost? thanks
  6. PROOF

    Odin on Gin

    yes can you do a gin workshop in the U.S? if so any ideas of where you would try to have it and any ideas on cost?
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