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  1. Julius

    Why use GNS

    Small guys with pot stills can not make GNS with the consistency and price of the ethanol plants. The possibilities with different botanicals are endless. The same base can make an infinite amount of different gins. Not sure why you think botanicals don’t have an impact. edit: sorry, did not see this was a thread resurrected from the dead.
  2. Julius

    COLA Help for Blended Whiskey Products

    Blended Whiskey =/= A blend of straight whiskeys. I believe Jailbreak has given you sound advice. I would love to know how you finally get approval (and see the label).
  3. Julius

    COLA Help for Blended Whiskey Products

    Just a heads up, bourbon and rye blended together are not a “Blended Whiskey.” Blended Whiskey is a class/type that refers to a blend of whiskey with something else (NGS) and requires a formula approval.
  4. Julius

    "Angels Share"... What are you seeing?

    Anecdotaly, we had higher loss in our palletized storage compared to our racks.
  5. Julius

    Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - Standard Vs. E&S

    Makes sense. I’m just glad our building has exceeded requirements for all of their questions.
  6. Julius

    Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - Standard Vs. E&S

    Have been insured by this company for four years. I will PM you specifics. 99% of it involves questions about compliance with the NFPA. Our building was built well above and beyond code, and we haven’t changed anything since the start of the policy. After multiple onsite visits, and we thought they were pacified, there will be another site visit about construction and compliance in a non production area of the building. It is just incredibly strange that these questions are being asked 4 years after the fact.
  7. Julius

    Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - Standard Vs. E&S

    So this cyclical nature explains why I have had insurance underwriters around year?
  8. Julius

    Importing barrels of Scotch

    Does anyone have a name or two of brokers in the US with peated distillate for sale?
  9. Julius

    TTB & Gov't Shutdown

    Sorry bud. No one has ever accused FONL of being an awesome website.
  10. Julius

    TTB & Gov't Shutdown

    I am able to log in right now. Reset your password, FONL likes to expire your password without cause.
  11. Julius

    Still design - copper heads/domes

    One way to start, pick out your five favorite spirits (gin in this case since you are making gin) and look at what type of still produced them.
  12. Julius

    Weeping Barrels

    Pictures of the nails in the barrel please?
  13. Julius

    Weeping Barrels

    Nails? Pictures please.
  14. Julius

    Mashing technique: oil reduction

    A small copper thumper/doubler would clean your spirit up some. Sorry I do not have any mashing techniques to help.