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  1. Julius


    Would love to hear how this turns out!
  2. Your link does not work. I take it you are exiting the industry?
  3. Julius

    Distilling Cider With High acidity

    So using a copper still for peach brandy is a no go?
  4. Julius

    50ml Contract Packaging

    Anyone in Colorado doing 50ml contract packaging?
  5. Julius

    Activated Carbon Per Run

    Are you asking about filtering vodka?
  6. Julius

    Blue tint

    Does charcoal filtering affect the color?
  7. Julius

    How Much Should Proofing/Bottling Cost?

    What state are you located in?
  8. Julius

    Hot Dry Weather

    We have been experimenting wih solutions to this problem. Spraying down barrels can make them leach. If barrels are stored vertically palatized, standing water on the heads can water down your spirit. We have had some luck flooding the floor of our storage. 30 minutes on a timer in the morning keeps the humidity up in the storage barn all day. Def an ongoing battle for us.
  9. Julius

    Review of Confederate Stills of Alabama

    Our 500 gallon stripping pot still hasn’t given us problems. The only minor issue is the hobbled together agitator has been difficult to service. Parts from three different companies and no one knows what size packing matierial I need. Our fermenters are held together with nails and silicone. Not ideal. They are very temperamental and require constant maintenance. Out of the three, one is almost always out of commission.
  10. Julius

    Hallelujah! We got our TTB Permit

    Blue Label Digital Printing are pros when it comes to printing labels. Finding a graphic artist worth their salt that doesn’t cost a fortune is the hard part.
  11. Julius

    chemicals / chemical compounds

    Would love to hear what your local authority said!
  12. Julius

    chemicals / chemical compounds

    In the same vein, what US based commercial labs do you guys recommend to ship samples to for testing?
  13. Julius

    T top corks

    Can confirm, Tapi has been a shitshow.