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  1. Julius

    Mashing technique: oil reduction

    I am guessing you are doing on grain distillation? What kind of still are you stripping with?
  2. Julius

    Rye fermentation yield

    What is the PG to bushel yield of the stripping run?
  3. Julius

    from Copper to Cooper to Copper still

    You are based out of Illinois?
  4. Julius

    Transfer in Bond Application Turnaround

    95 day for our last TIB approval. Multiple follow ups were required...
  5. Julius

    Best options for cooling mash

    Tube in shell heat exchanger.
  6. Julius

    Potato Vodka - HELP

    Are you labeling as “Potato Vodka?”
  7. Julius

    Bottle Suppliers

    We recieved some samples from Berlin Packaging and they are top notch.
  8. Julius

    Free samples to distributor?

    Is the new company Great American Craft?
  9. Julius

    Mashing raw barley

  10. Julius

    Bubbleplate Vodka Column FOR SALE - Artisan Still Design

    Is this still available?
  11. Following! I am assuming these are production barrels made for sherry cask finishing, and not actual solera barrels?
  12. Julius


    Would love to know where Insurance Man went, or what company people in Colorado are using for insurance.
  13. Julius

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Thanks so much Dave. I hope to buy you a drink one day.
  14. Julius

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    What other class/types are missing from the chapter 4 table? “Whiskey Specialty” is no where to be seen?
  15. Julius

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    So how does this fit into that logic? https://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2018/07/heaven-hill-uses-orange-curacao-barrels-to-finish-bourbon/ Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in orange curaçao barrels.
  16. Julius

    Heat Shrink capsules for Tennessee 750ml?

    Would love to know what you find.
  17. Julius

    Whiskey Hypothetical

    From my understanding, you do not need a formula approval for anything you have proposed. Except the “White whiskey” which you probably wont get approved at all. You can call it “White Dog” or Moonshine, or premium dogshit. But unless you get lucky with a clueless TTB agent, the words White and Whiskey wont go next to each other on a label. As it comes off the still it is not yet whiskey, it has to touch cooperage. If it goes into used, or uncharred new barrels, it is corn whiskey. If it goes into new American oak, it is bourbon. Good luck trying to get a “White Whiskey” COLA.
  18. Julius

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Our dry mountain climate does not like small barrels. Maybe a more humid climate or supplemental humidification in storage would be more suitable for small barrels. We have harvested 15, 15gallon barrels, each was 50%-70% angel share after 30 months. Harvesting 8, 30 gallon barrels saw 35%-55% angel share at 36 months. We are in a very dry climate. YMMV We have had great luck with the Gibbs Brothers 3 gallon barrels. ~10% angel share annually
  19. Julius

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    And if you plan on leaving it in a 15gal for more than 2 years be prepared for 50%+ angel share.
  20. Julius

    Barrels of American Single Malt for Sale

    What state were they distilled in and where are they currently located?
  21. Julius

    Liqueur/DSS Labeling

    We currently produce and sell a liqueur. We tried finishing the liqueur in cooperage, and it is delicious, now we want to sell it. The formula was approved by FONL as a liqueur. Upon submission to COLA they rejected the label because of the words “Finished in Whiskey Barrels.” The Formula did not have any labeling suggestions provided. I called the TTB this morning, asked how do we denote that the product touches cooperage, and she didn’t have an answer and told me they would call back. She calls back and says that Formula now says it isn’t a liqueur, but rather a DSS, and that a statement of composition is required? But she still didn’t have an answer on how to denote that this is the exact same product as our standard liqueur, but touches cooperage. Does anyone have experience with barrel Finished liqueurs? Is it not allowed to state cooperage is used in liqueur production? Does putting a liqueur in a barrel really change class to a DSS? A fellow distiller suggested that we sell it under the same COLA and just change the color of the label, this suggestion doesn’t seem like the correct answer to me?
  22. Julius

    Liqueur/DSS Labeling

    I believe this is the issue they took with it. We eliminated the word barrel and we got approval. It’s a product we have to hand sell any, oh well.
  23. Julius

    Liqueur/DSS Labeling

    After a lot of BS from Cola, we are just going to completely eliminate the word barrel on the label and replace with “reserve’ and just reference barrels in marketing material. What a shit show in DC.
  24. Julius

    Liqueur/DSS Labeling

    Sugar added before adding to barrels. We take the final product that would normally go into bottles, and barrel it. I’m expecting a call from them today, I will report back what they say.
  25. Julius

    Liqueur/DSS Labeling

    No. My formula clearly states the barrel finishing process and subsequent proofing. The formula matches the label explicitly. FONL classified it as a liqueur initially. The agent on the phone spent ten minutes talking to someone and then came back and said it’s not a liqueur it’s a DSS.