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  1. We are early in the process and are still doing business planning while we are looking for a location for our distillery; we own real estate in a re-development district where the zoning allows and encourages mixed use. The local officials have already approved having the distillery (as well as other commercial uses) along with residential units, in the same building, with separation/firewalls/sprinkling. Some of what I have read as I look at the ATF regs makes me concerned about this. §19.52 Restrictions on location of plants. A person who intends to establish a distilled spirits plant may not locate it in any of the following places: (a) In any residence, shed, yard, or enclosure connected to a residence; (b) On any vessel or boat; (c) Where beer or wine is produced; (d) Where liquors are sold at retail; or (e) Where any other business is conducted except as provided in §19.54 Does anyone know if we will have problems with licensing approval with the residential use in the same building? Thanks for any information!