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  1. Hi tom , thanks for sharing. The problem seems to be that they don’t have enough stock that is ready yet. Most old distilleries have expanded and several new ones have been set up. It’s fair to assume that Japan is distilling more whisky than it ever has. The issue is they aren’t bottling it yet. I am looking to purchase younger Japanese malt whisky which may not be ready yet — I just don’t know how to.
  2. Dear Fellow Members, I am looking to purchase Japanese malt whisky, young/aged in barrels for our business. I am also willing to commission distillers located in Japan to produce some product specially for our requirement. Hope some one can offer connects or guidance.
  3. Job Summary: India Craft Spirits Co is seeking a passionate Head Distiller/ Master Distiller who would like the opportunity to make a major contribution to a brand newworld class craft spirit project. The opportunity will give you a chance to become part of a committed team and to play a major role in the development of a iconic new distillery which will be the first of its kind in India. The position will require an enthusiastic professional with an entrepreneurial bent of mind who can drive the design, construction, commissioning and operations of the distillery. Have a look at the file attached with this post to understand more of the requirement. If your are interested, you can get in touch with me on indiacraftspirits@gmail.com thanks Distiller Job Description.pdf
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