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  1. 17 days - thanks Dave Dunbar ! - This was submitted in early Nov and received in late Nov.
  2. Thanks Dave, My question was specifically for my state - which says that a manufacturer cannot be a distributor or related to one. How come the Federal laws only deal with "retailer" and not manufacturer to wholesaler relationships ?
  3. OK great - the only issue is husband and wife - no cross ownership or investment from one to the other. This is only a problem if tied house rules flow to the spouse. I assume the state can answer that flow between spouses. Thanks!
  4. NFPA 30 Table 7.3.3 Drum and container filling – outdoors or indoors – NEC Class 1, Div 1, Zone 1 within 3’ of the vent or fill opening, extending in all directions. NEC Class 1, Div 2, Zone 2 from 3’ to 5’ from the vent or fill opening, extending in all directions; also, up to 18” above floor or grade level within a horizontal radius of 10 ft from the vent or fill opening. Also, Div 1 for the trench below floor level. Why would the trench below floor level be considered class1 div1 ?
  5. Hi everyone, Here is hypothetical situation - what if a husband owns a portion of a distillery (DSP) - and the wife owns a portion of the a wholesaler - the wholesaler (wife) only sells the husbands DSP's product and maybe a few other local craft beers/spirits. Does this bring tied house laws in to effect ? Neither person has a share in their spouses business, but they live under the same roof and are married. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone - Dave reached out to me.
  7. Does anyone have contact info for Mr. Dunbar that they can PM me ? I tried his email last week and did not hear back. I realize it is summer and many are on vacation, but I would like to reach out to him.
  8. Interesting, thank you. If I have a separate exit it may work. I know this question has come up, but I will ask again. What is the requirement for the separation? I believe it was floor to ceiling. Any specification as to material ?
  9. If I place a door at the steps, they would be separate. But how about the issue of people walking in through the DSP side ?
  10. Hi everyone, I have another question. I am looking to lease a 2 story building. Think of it like a townhouse. The bottom floor would be my production area, the top floor will be my sales area. Both areas are naturally separated by a stairwell. My question is - my bottom area is the front entrance also - meaning that customers would walk through my production area in order to get to the stairs to go to the sales area. Both areas are separated because they are on different floors, but people would walk through adjacent to my actual production area to get upstairs. I can block off area where they cannot walk with half walls for safety reasons. Is this allowed ? Thank you all in advance - John
  11. thank you ! I have one more question about location - but I will create a new thread -
  12. Hi everyone, Quick questions. Does the person giving out samples at the DSP have to be on the TTB permit/application ? Can I have an employee giving out samples and selling bottles? How about giving out samples at events / stores? Or is all this handled by state governance? Thank you all in advance.
  13. Thank you both for these great answers -
  14. Hello - I have a question - does the TTB mandate a sink or a 3 sink basin in the distilling area ? Does your state require this or the health department ? Thank you !
  15. Jaguiler

    DYE China?

    Thanks ! I will probably reach out to you in the near future.
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