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  1. Howdy, Has anyone here used Jim McCoy for licensing and TTB compliance recently? OR had any recent word with him in last several weeks/month? I have used him for TTB permitting, we signed a consulting contract, I paid him, and haven't heard from him in 2 months. All of our previous communication have been super easy and helpful; Yet, over the last two months I have repeatedly emailed him with no answer, and called several times but get one ring to a voice mail and no call back or response to voice mail. Is anyone close to Jim, or know if he's on vacation..etc.? Thanks.
  2. any updates? insights? thoughts? processing applications? or total shutdown?
  3. Check out ParkStreet. They have a direct to retail distribution service in NY,NJ,CA,&FL
  4. I am looking to get quotes for a copper top Pot Still over 500 gal. for the production of full flavored, full bodied, well rounded spirits. Please message to arrange phone call. Cheers
  5. @Still_Holler can you give more information on what you did or did not like?
  6. I am interested to see if there is anyone who has had experience with Confederate Stills of Alabama. They have a lot of beautiful looking products on there website, and I would like to see if anyone can share there personal experience with the stills, cypress fermentation tanks and as well as other products produced. If so, could you please touch on efficiency, performance, durability, maintenance, cleaning, price point, and service you experienced; as well as overall thoughts, suggestions, recommendations.
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