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    cooling sugar wash

    By starting with roughly 1/2 of your water needed you will have plenty of water to dissolve your sugars. Use the remainder of your recipe water to add cold water and lower temp. 60 is pretty low and this method won't get you all the way there, but it requires zero energy. A tube in shell heat exchanger when transferring to a fermenter will definitely get you the rest of the way and you will have saved a lot of water. Use the calculator in the link below to help you out. Hope this helps! http://www.onlineconversion.com/mixing_water.htm
  2. Good Spirits Consulting

    2 yr bourbon (not mgp)

    Have you found the bourbon you're looking for, yet?
  3. Good Spirits Consulting

    Distillery Assistance

    Hey Everyone, I recently started Good Spirits Consulting LLC in order to help distilleries nationwide. Specializing in just about anything under a distillery's roof, we're eager to help. Check out our website for more info (web address below). Get in touch with us and tell us how we can help. Cheers! Jordan Stielow www.GoodSpirits.rocks