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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was hoping someone had already done the work of doing the measuring. I was just being lazy😀
  2. Does anyone have a grid or graph for a 53 gallon wood barrel that tells you how many gallons are in the barrel by measuring the end of the barrel with a tape measure?
  3. I thought of infusion but won't work in my case. How about a heating coil that I can run thru my heat exchanger? I could put a hot water hose on it and a relief valve? any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have not but use a hydrosieve that works great. Put a pneumatic vibrator on it.
  5. I need some advise. Have 300 gallon mash tun. Heat water with steam boiler thru a heat exchanger. Once I put grain in tun, I can't run it thru the heat exchanger. I need a way to keep the tun at 195 degrees for 90 minutes. Any ideas would be useful.
  6. I have a small distillery with a cement floor. A couple of years ago I treated it with acid and painted it with a paint made especially for cement. Unfortunately, that is now coming off. Can anyone recommend a type of treatment that will last? Will the flooring treatment used in garages, I believe it's an epoxy that you can install yourself, last over time? The mash and the distillate that I produce eats the paint off. Thank you for any help in this regard.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, however, I need to keep it a solid so farmer can use it.
  8. I have a small problem and hopefully someone can assist. I have a small distillery (2500 bottles per year.) I use a heat exchanger so cannot have solids in my system for the still. I am now emptying mash tank into a 50-gallon cart with a strainer in it and scooping out solids into a wagon for disposal. I'm getting up in age and want to figure out a different system. I'm thinking maybe an auger with a gate on the output end that would compress the mash and the liquid would run back down the auger and out the bottom into a container. Then I could open the gate and dump out the solids. Can't spend over 2k as it just wouldn't be financially feasible. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. The used equipment that is on the market that does this starts around 4k so not viable.
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