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  1. I'm only a contractor, and can't comment anymore due to my customers best interests. A company that threatens legal action, instead of defending their quality when faced with proof of poor manufacturing is on the brink of failure. It's a shame, because a lot of people would love to invest in American equipment, and think they are with this outfit, but a simple Google of import records reveals all. And companies like Still Dragon, who straight up distribute import systems, have very nice products. Leaks? Non issue. Contamination? No. Finish? Impeccible. That's how bad it is.
  2. Sorry to have derailed the pertenant issue, which should be discussed thoroughly , but here's a copper to carbon braze my 13 year old did with bronze. Left side screen good, the other too hot. Now, back to what matters.
  3. Fusion is only good to 1 mm@ 150 psi 450 °f on stainless. I see a lot of filler on those welds in different applications.
  4. I electopolish everything. That work is beautiful. If grinding is required, I throw it away. Maybe a buff for aesthetics, but that's if I'm having an off day.
  5. I have been requested not to comment on this issue.
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