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  1. 600 gallon stainless steel rectangular mash tun, custom fabricated by Trident Stills in Etna, ME. Sloped bottom with drainage channel and perforated screen; sparge rail down the two long dimensions; large manway; 120V AC agitator mounted in a hefty center support; 4 in. sanitary fitting in lid (we mounted a grist hydrator there). It has served us well for nearly four years, but we have upgraded to larger equipment. Dimensions: ~96 in. long x ~48 in. wide x ~36 in. tall. Asking $7,500, strapped to a double pallet and ready for pickup from our facility in Middlebury, VT.
  2. We use these -- they are fantastic tanks -- and the folks at Grand Teton are excellent to deal with.
  3. Todd We are in pretty much the same boat -- searching for options other than reaching into my wallet. I suggest you look for state-level and county-level economic development agencies and the like. We have one local group and another state-level group that have been very helpful in helping us put together a workable financing package for our building, and have also said they want to be involved in our distillery build-out when we kick that off this fall. They are particularly interested in jobs creation, I have found.... Lars
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