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  1. thanks so much - thats great advice, i'll start down that path and build the resume up like that. I've got about 6 months before opening and so should be able to get some decent experience under the belt. thanks!
  2. Hey everyone! So I have an insurance question. I'm starting up from scratch and hope to be up and running in Mid 2019. I'm running into issues getting insurance coverage as they want me to have either distilling experience (which I don't have...) or have a master distiller on the payroll. I wasn't planning on hiring a distiller as a) sourcing and blending some of the product and b) was going to distill myself. Anyone else have this issue and if so how did you solve? I imagine there are a few out there with this challenge as there as so many new start ups around. Appreciate your help. thanks.
  3. nice work! I'm starting the long read and will give you any feedback as it pops up.
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