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  1. I have over 20 years’ experience working with finance solutions through the SBA financing arena. My primary focus is Craft Beverage Lending on a nationwide platform. UCB is a preferred lender with the SBA and offers financing options to businesses with loan sizes usually ranging from $350,000 to $5,000,000. You can email me at scott_birkner@ucbi.com and we can set up a call to discuss your project. Cheers! Scott Birkner | Senior Vice President- Manager, Craft Beverage Lending United Community Bank | 9935-D Rea Road, #223 | Charlotte, NC 28277 Contact | Office: 704-564-5940 linkedin.com/in/sbirkner
  2. I provide nationwide financing for Craft Beverage Industry through my bank. Please reach out if i can assist in financing. scott_birkner@ucbi.com or 704.564.5940
  3. Scott Birkner

    Looking for partner in NC

    Good Morning. I run our Craft Beverage Lending Group here in NC. If you need any assistance with funding please reach out to me at scott_birkner@ucbi.com or 704.564.5940. Cheers!