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  1. The proof of this product is around 40 is that too low for this suggestion?. I've read people have problems keeping the oils from separating and rising to float on the top. Is there some secret to adding citrus oil in this manner?
  2. Hey all, I know this is a weird question as people are usually always asking how to remove haze but....... I have a product that I make with Realemon Lemon Juice that I am trying to get a stable opaque haze in. When it is blended it has a really nice opaque pastel yellow hue to it that once bottled slowly starts to drop out and within 3 week there is 1 inch of pectin/pulp on the bottom of the bottle and the above is almost crystal clear. I expected that to happen so I experimented with filtering to reduce the amount of pectin to the point where it is still opaque but not enough to fall out of suspension. I started with filtering instead of any enzyme because I didn't was to drop out all of the haze and to my surprise didn't clog the pads. I have gone through 5 batches now and with 1-4 I gradually moved to the next level of pad to further reduce haze percentage in solution. To still have it fall out until the 4th batch I filtered clear and added back a small amount of non filtered to reintroduce the haze. This was just enough to get the opaqueness I was looking for but still resulted in the haze separating out. For batch 5 this last batch I just filtered it clear like in batch 4 but didn't reintroduce any non filtered and I just do not like how it looks. Does anybody know of any additives, processes or something else that would create a stable opaque haze?
  3. Thanks CountySeat I will look into that! Still_Holler i'm in the Williamsport Area.
  4. Hey all, Just recently bought an operating distillery/winery property which is also an event space. We bought the place as a fixer upper in ALL aspects! We already have done a lot but still have a ton to do and learn. I have found a plethora of info on here as it seems I’m searching something here multiple times a day. Looking forward to learning more and getting our place moving towards the next level. Best-Frank
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