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  1. Interesting .... I actually work in the Eastern Panhandle of WV and I've never seen or heard of people growing sweet sorghum . I'll ask around if it's possible to grow there though , since this post has stoked my curiosity .
  2. I never would have thought that it was possible to grow sugar cane in the Great Smoky Mountains ... Anyways thanks for all the answers everyone !
  3. Ah I see ... Would I be correct in assuming that fresh sugarcane is impossible to find unless one lives in an area where it grows ?
  4. To my knowledge sugarcane is often used in rum production , so I was wondering if it's worth using when it comes to the realm of homemade rum .
  5. I must humbly disagree . I mean personally I think it would be a real blast to host a music festival , where ( among other fun activities ) one could cook up their already fermented batch on site .
  6. That's a bummer though .... I mean it would be real cool to have a festival like that IMHO . Anyways thanks for the answers .
  7. I'm thinking about organizing a festival sometime in the ( hopefully not so distant ) future that would feature an on grounds still , that would be used to distill the already fermented batches of whatever liquor attendees would choose to bring to the festival grounds . Is it possible to do such a thing legally speaking ? Also has anyone here done something like this and/or heard of it being done ?
  8. Hello everyone ! I'm Lionel Fauquier and I'm glad to have joined this forum . I look forward to learning about and discussing the topic of distilling . I'm fairly new to the game , though I do have some scant knowledge of the topic as a result of having an uncle who was employed at a distillery . Anyways I look forward to many interesting discussions and greetings again .
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