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    Bulk proofing vs. Proofing in bottle

    Hey guys, new member here, what a great resource. My partners and I are in the final planning stages of building a small microdistillery - please note that this facility will NOT be in the United States and thus (obviously) not subject to TTB regs ... the regulatory agencies in the country I'm in are somewhat more (ahem) lax than what some of you guys are forced to deal with (my condolences, btw). As such, I'm wondering about the possibility of proofing in bottle vs. bulk proofing. Our primary initial product will be a gin, and obviously being able to proof the product down in bottle will allow us to have a spirit storage tank that's ~50% smaller than we would need if we were bulk proofing and then bottling from that tank. Is this something that is being done currently? If not, is the sole reason it's not being done because of the difficulties in fill tolerances (nailing the right ratio of water to spirit), or are there other obvious unforeseen difficulties that my novice brain isn't considering? Looking forward to your feedback - cheers!