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  1. Isn't a proof gallon a tax concept defined as one gallon at 100 proof (50% ABV)? In which case I think you'd have 37.7 * 2 = 75.4 proof gallons for tax purposes.
  2. https://www.brindiamogroup.com/services/liquid-sourcing
  3. I'm a novice and just in the process of doing homework before possibly taking the leap, but it sure looks to me like you're thinking about buying someone else's problems.
  4. Think Brindiamo Group would have access to some barrels for you? They are apparently pretty responsive.
  5. Glen, Thanks for coming back here with updates. I am really enjoying reading them. I'm helping out a local small distiller here from time to time to get a feel for the work involved. I'm asking him to have me do the grunt work (cleaning and moving heavy stuff around) and peppering him with questions about what his hard parts are. One thing that struck me as I was standing there waiting for the mash to heat was looking at his stacks of filled barrels and doing the math in my head for how much resources he had tied up in material cost, utilities, and time in those barrels. I was also struck by how valuable it would be to have the cash up front to spend to make things run efficiently so you're not killing yourself to keep the production going or spending lots of time every day waiting around for things to happen.
  6. No real new information here that hasn't been seen before, but this just popped up on my news feed: https://www.wkyt.com/content/news/AG-Bourbon-barrel-company-pretending-to-be-in-Lexington-scamming-customers-503330011.html
  7. Eud

    reusing feints

    I read what Odin wrote over at Home Distiller. How long do you let it sit at 17% before siphoning out the middle bits?
  8. I bet he's saying you should look for something that tastes good because it would be going right into your bottle with the stuff you distilled and already know tastes good. Otherwise you're just going to have to run that through something that cleans it up and then are losing the point of the shortcut.
  9. If you have the time, can you elaborate on this a bit? It's basically what I would want to do, and would enjoy getting set up, but I'm not sure where I should point my outside the box thinking. I guess I wouldn't need the bond because of the small quantities I'd be making, and I could get a federal DSP if I met the other requirements and had a legit commercial location with a lease? Is that right? If that's the case you may be getting an order from me sooner rather than later. ? I've made a distiller friend here locally and am going up this weekend to talk about the business. I took up her time at a farmers market a month ago, and I've done so much reading on this forum and others that I was able to talk shop with her a bit even though I haven't done it. They are starting to see some success on equipment about the size that I first posted about in the original post, but exactly what some predicted would happen to me has happened to them. Her husband's entire life, like 20 hours per day, is running that 100L spirit still in order to keep up with production on their 6 products. Victims of their success.
  10. Sweet. One day I hope to make you drive a trailer full of equipment to my place too. ?
  11. Seems like you could contact the Maryland Distillers Guild who will surely know. https://marylandspirits.org/ Edgardo at Twin Valley in Montgomery County had an article written about them that references a state law that allows self distribution for much less. I don't have the direct reference to law, but here's the article: https://bethesdamagazine.com/bethesda-beat/dine/new-distillery-law-expected-to-expand-craft-spirits-market-in-montgomery-county/ He basically credits his own lobbying to get the various laws changed in addition to different zoning for artisan distillers that lets them set up in lighter industrial areas. I think he's right. He's a go-getter. I think he has a login here at ADI forums, so you might ping him too. It doesn't look like he's been here for a while, but his name is @Chefedgardo
  12. Seems like if you put all those botanicals in your column or in the boiler with plates you will have to do a lot of cleaning to get all of that flavor and aroma out of there unless you have a dedicated column.
  13. Interesting, I guess that makes sense. I had imagined the pH crash was mostly from CO2 production, but had no evidence.
  14. On Home Distiller they usually try to avoid the rum ferment pH from crashing so they don't add too much acid at the beginning. Maybe just a little to make the initial yeast happy, but the pH is going to be dropping anyway. Even if only from dissolved CO2. Usually they're putting in a buffer, calcium carbonate or just oyster shells. They're not "pros" but they do have a lot of experience and the ability to do a lot of low cost experimentation. This guy used a slab of marble with humorous results: https://homedistiller.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=65703&p=7478337#p7478320
  15. It kind of sounds like the only way to get into the business is to vastly underestimate the cost and time until it's too late and you're already committed. If you figure out the actual costs ahead of time you'd never do it. ?
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