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  1. Robert Williams

    Bourbon/American Whiskey

    Anyone know what the net product would be if you blend bourbon with Canadian whisky or bourbon with Scotch? Would it just be "whisky"?
  2. Robert Williams

    Condensation in Neck - Anyone doing this?

    @Stumpy's were you ever able to resolve this issue? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Robert Williams

    Condensation in bottling....

    Anyone ever resolve this issue? I am look for some guidance.
  4. I have 41 barrels of 10 YO bourbon that I am dumping this week for processing. I am selling the empty barrels (all of which are in great shape) for $125/barrel or the best offer. (The bourbon would turn 11 next month if I continued to age it). Please let me know if you are interested. You may respond here or email me at mwilliams@brdistilling.com. Thanks!