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  1. Also, it's important to note that this is the gel, not liquid.
  2. Guys, this is not home-made product that we made that we made. This is from a medical supply factory in Texas and the prices have surged. These are the prices this stuff is being sold for in bulk, and you cannot compare it to retail pricing of materials at a CVS. I would not even make any money on this sale but simply be getting out of a position. We have already bottled over 250,000 units of this stuff. You cut it down with GNS to stretch volume and decrease the cost per gallon/oz.
  3. I have 37 55 gallon drums of hand sanitizer for sale. $5,500 per 55 gallon drum or $100/gallon. This is isopropyl based and pre-made. FEMA approved 75% alcohol. It just needs bottling. We have run out of bottling capacity due to too much demand. I have to sell it all in one sale. The total is $203,500. Cash up front; freight not included. Ships from Texas. Email me at mwilliams@brdistilling.com for more information.
  4. If anyone out there is looking for an approximate price breakdown on how this barrel pricing works out per bottle or case, please see below. This assumes a target retail price in the market of $39.99/750ml, which is fair for a 3-4YO high-rye bourbon bottled without charcoal filtering at approx. 90 - 100 proof when bottled. Note that many factors on materials (glass, labels, etc.) will vary this analysis. Also, this assumes that we handle the blending, proofing and bottling for you. Barrel Price Bottle Yield $ 1,925 260 Cost Ber Bottle SRP $39.99 Liquid $ 7.40 Glass Bottle $ 1.36 Labels $ 0.31 Stoppers $ 0.30 Seals $ 0.07 Shipper $ 0.17 Labor $ 1.25 Tax $ 0.50 Total Cost $ 11.36 Total Cost/Case $ 68.18 FOB/Case $ 128.00 Case Margin $ 59.82 Bottle Margin $ 9.97 Margin % 46.7%
  5. We have approximately 100 barrels of high rye bourbon aged over 3 years for sale. Our asking price is $1,925/barrel or best offer. We can ship in barrel form or totes based on buyer's discretion. Also, we can bottle the juice here if you want to receive finished goods. We are willing to discuss short term insurance and storage after purchase, as well. Below are more of the product specs: Producer: MGPI State of Origin: Indiana Mash Bill: 60% corn/36% rye/4% malt Cooperage: 53 Gallon Char: No. 4 Approximate bottle yield (in 750ml) if proofed down to 90-95 proof: approximately 265-270 Barrels are stored in and will ship from Memphis, TN ** Email me if you are interested in learning more. Thanks! mwilliams@brdistilling.com **
  6. Anyone know what the net product would be if you blend bourbon with Canadian whisky or bourbon with Scotch? Would it just be "whisky"?
  7. @Stumpy's were you ever able to resolve this issue? Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Anyone ever resolve this issue? I am look for some guidance.
  9. I have 41 barrels of 10 YO bourbon that I am dumping this week for processing. I am selling the empty barrels (all of which are in great shape) for $125/barrel or the best offer. (The bourbon would turn 11 next month if I continued to age it). Please let me know if you are interested. You may respond here or email me at mwilliams@brdistilling.com. Thanks!
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