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  1. abe

    Damson plums

    Do you recall the name of that farm?
  2. abe

    Damson plums

    I am looking for reliable and quality sources of fruit for distillation (orchards, individual growers, suppliers), we are located in Clifton NJ and I am primarily looking for damson plums, If anyone can help pointing me into right direction or share their suppliers' info, I would greatly appreciate that. Cheers! Abe.
  3. abe

    Aging Vodka

    Hi Silk, Thanks for your replies, Why don't you recommend ageing it in barrels?
  4. abe

    Aging Vodka

    Thanks all Thanks Bluestar Why do you suggest putting it in at 100 - 115 proof, why not at 190 proof, won't a higher proof extract the flavor of the barrel faster and stranger ?
  5. abe

    Aging Vodka

    Hi, First of all I would like to thank you all for the time and effort helping the community with such valuable info on these boards it's truly very helpful, so Thank you all! Has anyone ever tried making aged vodka ? I've got a few bottles of 190 proof GNS and would like to try experimenting how it would tast after aging it in wooden barrels, my question is, should I dilute it first to 40% Abv and then let it age, or should I age it as it is at 190 proof before diluting it? I would greatly appreciate a reply on this matter or any info on aging vodka, Thanks so much, Abe.
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