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  1. It's not the worst, but it's also not great. "Micro" in general strikes me as a lazy word. Easy to come up with, and not denoting much. Lots of other company names use "micro" as part of their name, notably Microsoft. With that name in mind, it has connotations of the computer industry, which seems at odds with the intended audience.
  2. Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    How about a picture or description of this system and the cost?
  3. Telemarketing scam

    What was the name of the company?
  4. Wiring Control Box

    Also, there doesn't appear to be a heat sink on that SSR, which means it is likely to self-destruct. OP, for your safety, I suggest you start over with someone who is qualified to build a control panel.
  5. want to buy 6 inch copper pipe in Washington state

    Plumbing supply house.
  6. Barrels and Aging / TTB Rules

    If you read 27 CFR, you'll see the word "barrel" is not used. Rather, TTB uses generic terms. So this would appear to be legal.
  7. Fed acquired, can we make without State permit?

    Ask your State agency. What do you think they will tell you?
  8. Bar top Corking maching

    I think you have a point, Silk City! I insert the cork slightly by hand, then use a lever action device I built to insert it all the way. Similar concept to the capper posted by Humulus. However, mine does not require lifting the bottle onto it. Just slide the bottle along the table, into position, pop it in with the lever, and done. Very fast and easy. In addition to manually loading the machine, the guy in the video also had to manually "space out" the bottles.
  9. Change in Control Purgatory

    Looks like several things were done in a less than optimal way. Here is what you potentially should have done: 1. Had an agreement to transfer an initial percentage (say, 20%) to you. 2. Payment for remaining 80% held in escrow until all permits transferred to you. 3. Have yourself added as signing authority via Permits Online; have yourself registered for Formulas Online and Colas Online, and have your account for pay.gov set up. Until all of these steps are complete, do not proceed to step four. 4. Transfer remaining 80% to you. 5. File Change in Control via Permits Online. Do not send paper forms! 6. Transfer or re-file for all local and state permits. 7. After all permits are in your name, release remaining payment from escrow. 8. Probably have a consulting agreement with the former owners to ensure you're filing your monthly reports correctly. As to what you can do now? Start calling the TTB. Find out if they even have your paperwork. You may be in for a long wait just to get someone on the phone. Maybe re-file what you can in Permits Online, along with an explanation for the duplicate filing.
  10. Processing form Line 13 & 29

    Yes. Yes, Line 28 should equal line 9. Line 29 is presumably if you receive bottled inventory from some other source. Note that per the footnote on line 32, you can't receive bottled product in bond. In general, you probably won't withdraw bulk spirits on a tax determined basis. So line 13 will likely remain unused in general use. Line 33 is for bottled product, or, in the second column, for "packaged" product, meaning drums, barrels, or other containers larger than standard bottle sizes. A lot of the lines on these reports seem to be for esoteric situations and most will be left blank in general use. Note that even though the TTB has thought of all of these situations, they still leave a few blank lines (21-23, 41-43) where you can add in transactions that they didn't include.
  11. Edrometer

    I had some correspondence with Greg from STM, the eDrometer manufacturer, and invited him to participate in this thread.
  12. Cooling/Heating Chiller & heat recovery

    What is the price range for these units?
  13. Geothermal cooling

    There was a thread on this a number of years ago. See the post by JimmyCrackCorn for a scenario very close to your idea.
  14. Trouble with Aged Aquavit COLA

    The bottom line is that you will have to come up with some other clever euphemism which gets your point across while avoiding forbidden terminology.
  15. Height of Bottle Storage

    I would not double stack pallets of bottles. But check with your bottle supplier to be sure.