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  1. Jedd Haas

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Bear in mind that most mass-market rums have sugar added. That is why people think that rum should taste sweet, although most are unaware of the added sugar.
  2. Jedd Haas

    Question re: 27 CFR 19.489 (case labeling)

    I include total liters on case labels.
  3. Jedd Haas

    Dosing Alcohol in Blend Tanks?

    Load cells under the tank legs. There are a bunch of scale companies that will put this together for you or sell you the parts.
  4. Jedd Haas

    Vodka yield

    According to your numbers: 2400 liters of wash at 10% is 240 liters of absolute alcohol. 400 liters of low wines at 40% is 160 liters of absolute alcohol. 150 liters of neutral spirit at 95% is 142.5 liters of absolute alcohol. The obvious source of loss is your low wines run, as you are only recovering 2/3 of the stated amount of alcohol in the wash. Either a) your wash is less than 10% or b) you are cutting off the low wines run way too early. If you run the wash down until the output is under 10%, you should be recovering around 98% of the alcohol, which would be around 588 liters at 40%. You didn't say how much of the yield for the spirit run was heads and tails, but that could easily be the remainder from the low wines.
  5. Jedd Haas

    AlcoDens LQ on Linux

    1. Download VirtualBox for Mac (free). 2. Install Windows. 3. Install AlcoDens. Of course, it's also possible to buy perfectly good Windows laptops on ebay for under $100, which may be even easier.
  6. Jedd Haas

    6-Pack Boxes / Partitions

    In general, you want to find a box manufacturer as close to you as possible. Freight costs can be a significant factor. Regarding the pricing, is it $1.00 for the box, then an additional $1.45 for the partition? ($2.45 total) Or is it $1.45 total? The latter would seem more typical, the $2.45 total seems high. The price can also vary depending on the box printing, number of colors, etc.
  7. Jedd Haas

    Loss in low-wines run

    Around 2% loss on stripping run.
  8. Jedd Haas

    Sediment in finished bottles

    Have you ever tested it with a total dissolved solids meter? You can buy a 50 gallon/day RO system for under $200 and you can get a TDS meter for under $20.
  9. Jedd Haas

    Sediment in finished bottles

    Are you using Reverse Osmosis water for proofing down? If not, the water you are using is the culprit.
  10. Jedd Haas

    xpress fill reviews xf460hp

    I've been using the 4 spout version for several years. In general, it works well. I have needed some service and Xpressfill is responsive.
  11. Jedd Haas

    Loss in low-wines run

    I'm converting to Freedom Units and rounding. You had 317 gallons (1200 liters) at 10% ABV, which should yield 31.7 gallons of absolute alcohol, or 63.4 proof gallons. Your actual yield was 33 gallons (125 liters) at 50%, which is 33 proof gallons, or about half the expected yield. While you should have run until you were at 10% or less on the output, that doesn't account for half the yield. The most obvious answer is that your mash was not at 10%, but more like 5% or 6%. How did you determine it was at 10%?
  12. Jedd Haas

    Shipping to out of state distributor

    Arranging and paying.
  13. Jedd Haas


    The agent did mention FAA (Federal Alcohol Act) as the relevant law but didn't mention a specific section.
  14. Jedd Haas


    Exactly. This is what the Fed Ex contract says. Also bear in mind that different laws may apply on a state-by-state basis for manufacturers vs. retailers. Type of alcohol also matters: in general, wine shipments are allowed in some states where spirits shipments are not. You may also be liable for excise tax payments on such shipments. Federal law may also come into play. There may be other (unknown) legal issues as well, all of which vary by state. Here is what a TTB agent told me: if you ship across state lines and you break the law, your permit is at risk. So there's that, in addition to 50 different sets of state laws and the Fed Ex contract. Bottom line for me is that I prefer to refer customers to our retail partners who ship and thus offload the risk.
  15. Jedd Haas

    Shipping to out of state distributor

    1. Make sure you obtain any necessary permits, brand registrations, or fulfill any other regulatory requirements from the new state. 2. Standard shipping method: LTL freight. Look up "freight brokers" to get pricing. But really, your distributor should be arranging the shipment.