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  1. I'm looking for used barrels, not new.
  2. Looking for at least 7 barrels, possibly more, up to 24. Please send a message with details on previous contents, location, price, and your email address.
  3. You can change the age statement without filing for a new COLA. See number 14 on the list at this link. https://www.ttb.gov/labeling/allowable-revisions
  4. In general, when you submit a formula, the formula specialist provides a statement of composition, and the label specialist generally wants your statement of composition to be exactly what the formula specialist wrote. This process can be aggravating, as the statements of composition can vary, even for spirits that use a formula that is similar to another. One thing you can try, when submitting your formula, is to provide your preferred statement of composition in the "notes to the specialist" field. You could try submitting the formula again, along with some notes on what you want to call it. You can also change your formula, as a formula for the same product can be written in different ways to get different results.
  5. I got a demo of both. See this link for my comments:
  6. Look for a manufacturer in your area, as otherwise shipping will be a significant added expense. Also try to confirm they are actually the manufacturer, rather than a broker or re-seller, as that will also increase your cost.
  7. Can you post some pictures of your modified XpressFill?
  8. Starcat, that looks like an interesting panel, can you show the front? What is it controlling?
  9. When you receive the barrel, you enter it in storage inventory at the stated proof gallons. When you dump the barrel, you gauge the proof gallons and record the loss. You then account for the loss on the monthly storage report. Tax liability is created when the final product is withdrawn from bond and you only owe for what is actually withdrawn. Be sure to document everything so that your records support the claimed losses.
  10. If you get one of these emails, one easy test is to respond by asking that they send copies of their licenses. Scammers posing as distributors tend to stop responding when you ask that question.
  11. How is the whiskey being flavored? For the sake of discussion, let's say some flavoring is being added, either directly or by infusion. In that case, the flavoring operating would be a processing operation. So the whiskey would be transferred from storage to the processing account, flavored, then remain in the processing account until it was bottled and sold. That's my understanding, but you probably want to check 27 CFR to be sure.
  12. You can buy an auto body slide hammer kit on ebay for about $20 which works just fine for pulling bungs. A lot less than that fancy Stortz tool.
  13. Assuming your stripping run of 8% wash comes out at 35% ABV with perfect efficiency, you would have around 675 liters of low wines. In reality, you will have a bit less, depending how long you run your still. Let's say 630 liters. Three runs will give you 1890 liters, this allows for tails volume up to 1110 liters. For the first run, use 4 stripping runs. Then you'll make tails from the first run, which you'll use in later runs.
  14. In general, for flavored products, the most prominent flavor should be named. If there are two key flavors and you want to name both, the one that is used in greater quantity comes first. Exactly what spice is being used? Let's say it's pepper, and your secondary flavor is salt. With that combination you'd have "Pepper and Salt Flavored Rum." (But not "Salt and Pepper Flavored Rum") as your statement of composition. You could perhaps try using "Spiced Rum" as the fanciful name and have the statement of composition in smaller type somewhere else. Disclaimer: this is just based on my own experience and you'll have to look up the rules in 27 CFR if you want to wrangle with the TTB. Which will likely be a waste of time.
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