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    Distiller Wanted in Helena, Montana

    Gulch Distillers is a small, start-up, grain-to-glass craft distillery in Helena, MT. We have been in operation for over three years and currently produce vodka, several gins, rum, apple brandy, and fernet. Our spirits are distributed throughout the state of Montana and have earned national recognition. We have a job opening for a distiller. This is a versatile position requiring a range of skill sets. The successful candidate will have responsibility for milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, bottling, cleaning, record keeping, and a broad range of general labor and equipment maintenance as warranted. The candidate will also collaborate on product development. As such, the candidate must be versatile, mechanically apt, self-tasked, and open to a fluid daily schedule. This is a 30- to 40-hour permanent position. Qualifications/Experience Candidates should have a strong mechanical and scientific background, a passion for brewing or distilling, and should be seeking a creative work environment. Candidates must have a refined palate and should display an appreciation for a range of spirits. Key Responsibilities o Milling and mashing o Fermenting o Distilling o Tasting/Quality analysis o Proofing o Bottling o Labeling o Record-keeping o Inventory management—including grain and ingredients, yeast, botanicals, bottles, closures, labels, chemicals, and product o Quality control—judging and maintaining acceptable product quality and standards o Cleaning and servicing equipment o Cleaning production room o Ensuring a sanitary work environment at all times o Representing Gulch Distillers in a positive manner Requirements: o Bachelor’s or advanced degree in science (preferably) o Must have significant experience with fermentation o Must be mechanically inclined with the ability to operate machinery such as pumps, mill, compressed air systems, stills, etc. o Must have flexible work schedule to accommodate production needs o Must be self driven and have a strong work ethic o Must be able to lift up to 60 lbs o Appreciates a dynamic daily workload o Is looking to make a long-term relationship with an employer o Enthusiasm and positive attitude o Effective communication skills o Has no alcohol-related offenses on record o At least 21 years of age The successful candidate must demonstrate knowledge of basic chemistry and microbiological phenomena necessary for the quality assurance of beverage alcohol. The ideal candidate will have successfully completed some higher education coursework in Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, or Food Science as part of a completed Bachelors degree curriculum, or can demonstrate a commensurate understanding based on experience in a related working field. Compensation Compensation depends on experience. Benefits include paid vacation and sick leave after successful completion of a 6-month probation period. Professional development will be offered in the form of schools, workshops, and seminars in appropriate subjects. This position offers flexible hours and the ability—to a degree—to set your own schedule, as well as the potential to fill other roles in the company of interest to the candidate. Interested applicants please send resume and cover letter to tyrrell@gulchdistillers.com.