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  1. Hello this is Craig Shameless Lucas the head distiller at SteelBound Brewery and Distillery in Ellicotville, NY on the corner of Rt. 219 & Rt. 242. Ready for spirit production in the next few weeks just waiting on label approval at the moment. We have a 20 barrel brew system with 6 fermentation tanks and a 2000 liter combination pot/reflux still with 22 plates. The base of our production will be a 100% locally sourced corn whiskey/ bourbon bill. I have a background of distillation for 7 years and recently graduated from Trocaire College Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation Sciences Program in Williamsville, NY under the direction of Dr. Brian Barrows. I have also worked and interned with Buffalo Distilling Co. One foot Cock Brand and 12 Gates Brewing Company both located in WNY. I describe myself as a Shinetologist in the studies of the Science of the Swill. I am looking forward to the spirited journeys ahead of us. Thanks and Cheers, Craig and the "staff of swill" at SteelBound
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