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  1. I don't know if my posts are getting through so i will try again. I have an 8 head APOF filler for sale. Only been used a few times. I will post pictures. 951/712-7751 Dan
  2. MSW, What are you upgrading to? I have this machine below for sale.

    951/ 712-7751  Dan


  3. Blue Sky, are you still looking for a filler? I have an almost brand new 8 Head APOF filler with auto capper.



    Filler 2 (1).JPG

    Filler 2 (2).JPG

    1. Blue Sky Distillery

      Blue Sky Distillery

      Hey Dan - a little more than I was looking for. ...Thanks anyways!

    2. Dan McCall

      Dan McCall

      No problem! ? 

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