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  1. Hello, over at High-Proof Creative we're writing a blog post to roundup what brands are doing to supply alcohol and inspire the drink community. Are you doing cocktail kits, to-go cocktails, virtual cocktail classes, etc.? Email us or comment here to be featured: highproofcreative@gmail.com. Thanks, and hang in there!
  2. Over at High-Proof Creative we recently updated a blog post about working with social media influencers. Has your distillery worked with people on social media? We were surprised to find that micro-influencer engagement succeeded that of celebrities last year, and audiences see micro-influencers as more authentic and believable than collaborators with a high following. What has your experience been, good or bad?
  3. Thanks for recommending us, Kris! High-Proof Creative is a marketing and branding agency I launched in 2018 after spending nearly 10 years writing about the beverage world and working in marketing firms in other industries. Everything we do is custom because after spending years in the industry I realized no company is the same, and there's opportunity to have a lot of fun with branding and marketing that sets companies apart from one another. To learn more head to our website: highproofcreative.com. Thanks!
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