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  1. Thanks for all the responses! The holiday season caught me by surprise and I have been swamped since late October with work, this project and a few others. Things are rolling along though. @Huffy2k I will most certainly contact you. Oh and I'll post an update on the coffee liquor experiment.
  2. I'm experimenting with creating a base by adding vanilla to my spirit first then adding spice blends to create a layered flavor, some savory and herbal to fill in the coffee gaps. I found that light roast ( like right after first crack) or a medium roast from central america/panama region works really nicely for what i was going for but more trials. I steep ground for 16-20 hours in distilled water. Right now I'm still playing with the type of sugar to add, glycerine is possibility if I couldn't find a cream base that I liked. I'm hoping to have something I think is good in a couple of weeks. Everything takes a lot more time than I have right now. I'll post when I have a decent one I'm happy with.
  3. Was wondering what experience anyone had with blending in cream base medium into their spirits. I'm leaning more towards not adding any extra sugar, so the cream base would be the only sugar added. My other option was a glycerin/sugar/lactose mix but why reinvent the wheel if someone has already built the cart. I've looked through the forum and there isn't a lot on coffee liquors, which is what I'm interested in making. On a small scale I've used the Still Spirits base but I wondered how it compared to larger more production focused makers.I would also like suggestion on the best way to blend that with my base spirit. Any ideas, suggestions and insights would be appreciated.
  4. Greetings everyone! I'm stoked to be a part of the forums. I'm just in the early stages of beginning my distilling journey. I've been in the craft beverage industry for a few years and going to be transitioning to opening my own space in the future. I've been lurking for months, reading and learning and thinking through ideas. Working on business plan and making plans to go to ADI next year and meet with people face to face. I have ideas of ways that I want to enter the market, what products I want to produce, and how to best invest my time and money. I'm keeping things underwraps until the lawyers get involved and trademark is established so apologies on the vague handle but I didn't want to jump the gun too soon but I also wanted to be a part of conversations, so this was my compromise. I look forward to interacting and contacting folks.
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