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  1. What kind of start/finish SG numbers are you guys getting out of raw barley? Will it pull the same numbers and wash % as other unmalted grains?
  2. Madshine

    Excise tax

    Is there a formula or calculator used for it somewhere Glen?
  3. Madshine

    Excise tax

    Isnt this the Canadian section?🤪
  4. Madshine

    Excise tax

    Pretty sure its calculated different here in Canada Silk
  5. Madshine

    Excise tax

    Just crunching some numbers for my business plan. How exactly is the Excise tax charged? Is it per litre of 95% produced or is it per litre of sales no matter what percentage it is? Say i sell a product that is 500ml but only 20%. Will it get charged half the tax because its half litre or will it get charged basically 20% of the tax?
  6. Are there any mash tun/stripping still combos that any of you guys have had sucess with? Id like something around 200 gallons that i can mash/ferment/distill with. Preferably electric bain marie style. Ill be using a mostly corn mash bill as well. Im in the planning stages of my small distillery and if i can do everything in one unit to save space that would be a bonus.
  7. Thanks for the forum acceptance. I have been home distilling for around 5 years now. I am currently researching opening a craft distillery in Northern BC. Hope to learn a few more things on here about it.
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