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  1. just looking at this.. is it organic? my german isnt very good. this one ? https://www.amazon.de/Paradieskörner-Malagetta-Pfeffer-Guineapfeffer-Pfefferkörner-Afrika/dp/B01NBE1LVV/ref=sr_1_17?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1546437541&sr=1-17&keywords=achterhof
  2. Taxes are calculated on bottles sold.. not quantity in spirit safe. Ish is for my spirit safe
  3. i was using proof gallons intstead of wine galons in liquor proofer! what an idiot I am. yes its not perfect but its close enough for my needs. and its free.
  4. Firstly thanks for both replies. 45 litres tells me which method to use. It was kgs, not kg lbs. 37.5 litres because I buy ngs in 25 litre containers.. I used1.5 of thrm ( one full and half by weight of the other) It is 70 @ 8c so really 72.5 ish. These figures don't need to be absolutely perfrct. The only ones that do are my lpa in bottles and for that i have a calibrated thermometer and alcometer. I have tried to use your software a few times and do keep having a go but it's not very user friendly and I have been in I.T for 22 years so used to excel and lots of software. I guess once you know your way around it thrn it's obvious but I have 8 attempts left before my trial runs out so maybe I will get there.
  5. I have 40.5kg lbs of gin @ 70 % abv pand with a temp of 8c Depending on what method or app I use to calculate volume (required by the government) I get a different answer. One get me about 65litres the other 47litres. This is from 37.5 litres of 96% NGS Can someone help me out with the correct answer.so I know what method to trust?
  6. I already use a small amount of cardamom , I will look into the others, I as a looking for a direct replacement but if it doesn't exist I could get an exemption for the grains of paradise. We perfected our flavour profile so didint want to start again.
  7. I haven't tried it but the two are different from a chew one up in my mouth perspective
  8. I am unable to find organic grains of paradise, or at least certified in the EU. to that end has anyone used something with a similar flavour profile to grains of paradise? I can then try find that in organic form.
  9. I have my final recipe complete for my dry gin. I now want to start crafting my flavoured gin, I will be using flavour extract but am wondering about botanical per L for flavoured gins. Is it reasonable to half the juniper and leave all other botanicals the same? or best to half them all.. or other? any advice on your experience in the matter is greatly received.
  10. I have just seen a pic of the fastrack 24 and rather than using the 4 corners you stagger the bottles per row.. that way you get 12 bottles per layer. I'll buy a few and see if it works out ok. The other option I considered was buying some sheets of 5mm plexi and drilling out holes for the neck and fashioning a leg at each corner using threaded rod and nuts.. then just not stacking them up.
  11. thanks Paul - I have contacted fastrack to check what dimensions they are between holes.
  12. HI Paul - I have seen that in quote a few places and it looks ok.. I will be working with a batch size of 100 or so bottles.. I can quickly imagine me breaking that washer with the spring inside. I think i know the 25 bottle drainer you refer to and that was my concern that I would only get 4 or 8 per layer. So be it.. unless there are others.
  13. Hi, I am on the search for an inexpensive way of washing and draining/storing bottle with a diameter of 100mm... for my Gin. For washing I was thinking of this - Bottle Washer Double Blast Bit draining bottles economically and storing is proving more difficult.. the "tree" style ones leave water in the neck and the rack style ones all seem to be for beer or wine bottles. Any ideas?
  14. thanks for the info. appreciate that.
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