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  1. next run completed, estimate 2.45kw of power until temp at top of column hits around 90c - then increase to 2.8kw to maintain a steady takeoff.. all good still.
  2. I'm back! So I added another 18" section of column and my run is now free of the "earthy smell" with all other aspects the same. So I can only surmise that you need more than 16" of column so that the "heavier" "earthy" notes don't just get forced into the collection path despite a low running power and vapour speed, I am collecting product on 2.1kw of power, I will let this run complete and next run try increasing power marginally to find the sweet spot between power/take off rate and quality. So at the moment: 25l NGS, watered down to 30% in a 100l boiler 7kw heatup 2.1kw running power (this is a approximate) vapour speed 13.6" per second 3" column, 32" long The power, vapour speed and takeoff rate seem low so I hope to be able to increase this and maintain quality.. until next time.
  3. Yes I am using NGS, the only thing that has changed is the still. The botanical bill has just scaled with the still. I know the earthiness should come through at the end but it is coming through from the start, if i lower power considerably it is less but it is still there. It has mellowed out after time but the smaller still had none. That was also my thought on copper, it's good if you are stilling wash but i didnt think it was needed for NGS. All I can now assume is that it is the length of the vertical column. If we talk purely about the column and not the distance from the top of the boiliing liquid then the current column is shorter, 300mm versus 700mm, with a shorter column maybe the "heavier" earthy compounds don't "fallback" like they would on a longer column? I have a 400mm section of spool on order to see if that makes a difference.
  4. Love talking to myself ūüėČ Had a thought that maybe the earthiness is due to the lack of copper in my still now, thoughts?
  5. so the 1st run i did a week or so ago has recovered nicely, the earthiness has faded significantly. The current run is at about 3kw now, slight earthiness still - now when i used the old still there wasnt any - I can now only attribute this to the length of the vertical pipe.. in addition to the copper section visible on the keg above there was 300mm of steel also.. so i will increase the length of the spool on the new still and see if this has a positive effect on the immediate odor.
  6. Hi - we get ours from www.mera-trockenfruechte.de
  7. Run is in progress, I dialed power down to approximately 2kw and I can still detect a slight amount of earthiness, it is the 1st stage of the gun run. If i add some warm water it immediately opens up into bright citrus tones and no hint of earthiness. Confused. I am now at 1750w...
  8. I got the new still, 100l milk can, 7kw power. 1st run - ran at 3.5kw after heatup, control was compromised - earthy notes detectable in the final product, I am airing it to see if it recovers. It's a 3" column so vapour speed is around 23 inches per second. I am going to run at 3kw or less and see what that does for me.. old and new still pics..
  9. needmorstuff

    Odin on Gin

    some gins don't have coriander seed at all, and if you want a very different gin then why try stick to the "normal" herb bill? just experiment and see where it takes you.
  10. I am moving from a 50l 2.4kw direct heat to a 100l. With my 50l I would run full power to heatup and then dial down top around 3.6kw for the run. This was on a 3" pot still then went to a 3" to 2" reducer, into a 90 dedgree bend then reduced again to 1" then a 90, then into a 1" liebig. 3" > 2" > 90 > 1" > 90 > 1" liebig The 100l is a 3" pot that runs to a 2" shotgun condensor and has 7kw of power available via 2 x 3.5kw elements.. the 7kw is good for the heatup but will it be overkill for the run... anyone any experience running gin on a 100l or 26 gallon still direct heated?
  11. just looking at this.. is it organic? my german isnt very good. this one ? https://www.amazon.de/Paradieskörner-Malagetta-Pfeffer-Guineapfeffer-Pfefferkörner-Afrika/dp/B01NBE1LVV/ref=sr_1_17?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1546437541&sr=1-17&keywords=achterhof
  12. Taxes are calculated on bottles sold.. not quantity in spirit safe. Ish is for my spirit safe
  13. i was using proof gallons intstead of wine galons in liquor proofer! what an idiot I am. yes its not perfect but its close enough for my needs. and its free.
  14. Firstly thanks for both replies. 45 litres tells me which method to use. It was kgs, not kg lbs. 37.5 litres because I buy ngs in 25 litre containers.. I used1.5 of thrm ( one full and half by weight of the other) It is 70 @ 8c so really 72.5 ish. These figures don't need to be absolutely perfrct. The only ones that do are my lpa in bottles and for that i have a calibrated thermometer and alcometer. I have tried to use your software a few times and do keep having a go but it's not very user friendly and I have been in I.T for 22 years so used to excel and lots of software. I guess once you know your way around it thrn it's obvious but I have 8 attempts left before my trial runs out so maybe I will get there.
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