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  1. I am planning on putting a lot of zest into my potstill with my normal gin botanicals, trouble is i cant find fruit without wax. I could attempt to remove the wax but it is unlikely i will remove 100% of it. Will 100% of the wax remain in the boiler?
  2. Normally I simply do not have the time for experimentation. With a day job, a gin business and events most weekends, strange time we find ourselves in. I pity the person who had the task of isolating cucumber seeds.
  3. best result for me came from roasted cacao simply potstilled, nice taste, less nose than extracted but none of the bitterness.
  4. I would imagine the addition of sugar would cure a lot of problems. I pay about £10 for 1kg of cacao for small quantities, maybe 30% cheaper for bigger - so yes, it aint cheap, Feel free to message me with your recipe and protocol - save me some time 😉
  5. Oh, I ditched the stillage, but I did taste it, it tasted empty and bitter. Not chocolaty at all. I find it strange the distillate tasted sweet, maybe this is just the ethanol. Very possible that I got Maillard reaction during extraction, both in the boiler and column. The extractor column was very hot. I should be more patient and reduce power maybe.. more hot extractions don't necessarily work better than less cooler ones. But then how much cooling takes place through the column walls is questionable. As a rule I am finding citrus is very volatile and distills across great. Fruit such as berries I don't have much experience with but read that raspberries come across ok.
  6. the tincture has been pot stilled to create an extract, then proofed to 47.5% (same as the tincture) The tincture has a smell of warm hot chocolate when opened up with warm water, the taste is intensely chocolate but very bitter The extract doesn't to me have the same warm hot chocolate smell, to my nose it smells vaguely of chocolate and if smell could have colour, it would smell green. I realise that doesn't make any sense. The taste, less intense bitterness, less chocolate but much much sweeter. My wife thinks the extract and tincture smell more of less the same! but maybe she isn't being critical enough. I will ask 2 more peoples opinion later. I am currently mascerating more cacao in 70% neutral for 8 hours and will then pot still that to see the different between using the soxhlet to first capture the tincture and potstilling that to an extract and just the straight pot still. i.e. soxhlet > tincture > pot still > extract mascerate > potstill > extract When I find my preferred protocol I will repeat that protocol but first roast the nibs for 15 mins.
  7. freeze, or chill until fats solidify and filter, or freeze thaw.. *update* 8 hours of extraction and I have a dark mahogany liquid that has a very pronounced chocolate odour, the taste is a very dark bitter chocolate flavour. Tomorrow I will pot still half and compare.
  8. 1st batch extracting as I type, I didn't roast them though. They are raw organic cacao nibs. Is roasting an essential step? I could try that next time. I had planned on pot stilling after extraction to leave fats in the boiler. I could however potstill half. The other half winterize to remove fats and do a comparison. I think I will discard the cocoa powder experiment as cacao nibs can be had cheaper than good quality cocoa powder.
  9. Going to try 500gm cacao, 1l NGS @ 96% - then potstill the tincture to make the extract then compare that with 500gm cacao with 1l ngs @ 96% straight potstill then compare 500gm good quality coco powder with 1l NGS @ 96% potstill as cacao is damn expensive.
  10. I have a bench still, I have a soxhlet extractor, I have cacao beans on their way to me. I plan on using the soxhlet to extract the beans and evaluating what I have at that point. I will then decide if what I have is ok or if i should then distill the tincture to an extract. I imagine it will be a brownish coloured bitter chocolate flavour tincture with fats. Anyone care to share their experiences or thoughts? Would you roast the cacao first?
  11. You didnt say what you charge your boiler with.. I'm after hard data
  12. thanks, I'm not in the high proof multi shot camp and never will be.
  13. I know you aren't in europe @Silk City Distillers but is your still rated atex or similar?
  14. apologies I thought that being in the Gin topic would be enough. I am making gin, starting with 96% neutral spirit i buy in.
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