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  1. Rickdiculous

    Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME For Sale

    Thanks for looking.
  2. Rickdiculous

    Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME For Sale

    Sent you a private message with my info. But you can all Rick 763-333-6447
  3. Rickdiculous

    Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME For Sale

    The Alcolyzer is an add on to the Anton Paar DMA 5000 Densitometer. This is one of the TTB approved Machines for testing ABV/Proof. The Densitometer is not made to handle spirits with sugars or high amounts of dissolved solids with the required accuracy. Honey or Maple whiskeys for example. This is commonly called obscuration. One method of correcting this is to distill the spirit in a lab still until all the alcohol is collected leaving the solids and obscuring factors behind and then retesting. The Alcolyzer can analyze the sample and calculate the correct ABV/Proof for these factors without the need to do anything other than push go on the machine if you have set up the procedures for the type of spirit you are testing. The unit is normally about $18,000 new in addition to the Densitometer. I got a good deal to buy both, but don't really need the Alcolyzer as I make whiskeys and gins without obscuration. So I thought I would offer it up to anyone who bought the DMA 5000 and may now wish they had gotten the whole system. If I don't find a buyer, I will likely keep it as I have a number of distilleries in the state I can test for, and make some money on it that way.
  4. Rickdiculous

    Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME For Sale

    Anyone have an interest in this machine at all?
  5. Rickdiculous

    Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME For Sale

    Price reduced to $8500.
  6. PRICE REDUCED TO $7500 including shipping. I see there are a lot of views but haven’t heard from anyone. I’m open to offers at this point. What’s it worth to you? Looking to upgrade your DMA system? I have for sale a used Anton Paar Alcolyzer Spirits ME. Price reduced $8500 or best offer. I bought the whole DMA set up and don’t need the Alcolyzer for my whiskeys and gins. This is only the Alcolyzer and all the parts required to set it up. If you pay the full price I’ll add the Sample handling unit pump to the deal. Comes with manuals and original packaging. PM for details or question. I’ll include insured shipping for purchaser. Rick Isanti Spirits
  7. I’m looking for a small Genio or iStill for sale to turn my heads and tales into something useful. email rick@isantispirits.com
  8. Rickdiculous

    Turn Key distillery and Building for sale

    Do you still have the DMA? I am interested. PM me Thanks Rick
  9. Rickdiculous

    Help with a condenser design

    Okay, So here area couple of other details to answer some of the questions you guys have 1) Energy to the still comes from a 500K Steam Boiler. It only services this unit. 2) Steam Jacket covers 75 percent of the Still Surface. 3) Cooling water is ground water from a well at 55F/ 13C running at 70 PSI I could easily put in some strips to the 1 inch columns for the time being. I looked at the latest pics Joe put up of his condensors and they appear to be just like my pictured design in terms of tube size and configuration. I could put some baffles in for water turbulence as well. That is a good idea.
  10. Rickdiculous

    Help with a condenser design

    Okay, So I have built a still from a design a friend come up with inconjunction with Custom Metalcraft using one of their 550 gallon bulk tanks. I sent a schematic for a column and a condenser based on what could easily fit in the corner of the top of the tank to a great local fabricator. So this has a 4 ft x 8inch column with a still dragon dephlemator on top which goes over to the 6 inch by 4 ft condenser via a 3" pipe. When I originally designed it I took a shot in the dark and ran (7) 1 inch by 44 inch tubes evenly spaced down the middle. I did not do any calculations other then generally looking at the ratios of the columns to condensers on Carl's and Vendome's and took a best guess. Needless to say to make this work, it runs very slowly on stripping runs. I started out at about 12 hours and began to push it. My best time was around 6.5 hours and typical is 7.5-8. I had to slow it down because my distillate began to run hot and things started coming out of the vaccuum break on the parrot. I know that is not a lot of detail, but my thought is to go back to the fabricator and get a new condenser with the layout of tubes in the picture below. I did do some surface area calculations on the tubes. Right now I have (7) 1 inch tubes, 44 inches long with a total surface area of 1627.36 square inches. If I go to the configuration below, I will have (21) .5 inch tubes with a combined surface area of 2935.8 sq/inches. Basically 1.5xs the current surface area. If I add tubes where the x's are, I will get an additional (16) .5 inche tubes for a total of 5172.6 sq/inches or 2.6xs the surface area. So, based on this 550 gallon still, 8"x4 fit column with dephlegmator (plumbed from top of condenser), 6"x 44" tube in shell condenser I get this question: Which of the two 1/2 inch pipe configurations will give me the most bang for the buck. Is the surface area of the 21 tubes a sufficient gain/ correct for size, or should I add the extra tubes? Is there a diminishing return for too much surface area and volume taken up by the tubes compared to the volume of cooling water within the shell? I hope this makes sense, and someone with some design savy can help me out. Thanks, Rick
  11. Rickdiculous

    sampling retail space in distillery

    For those waiting on a response, This is the rule currently being used for the statment from the TTB. § 19.52 Restrictions on location of plants. A person who intends to establish a distilled spirits plant may not locate it in any of the following places: (a) In any residence, shed, yard, or enclosure connected to a residence; ( On any vessel or boat; © Where beer or wine is produced; (d) Where liquors are sold at retail; or (e) Where any other business is conducted except as provided in § 19.54. Above (d) clearly states you can't have a DSP where Liquors are sold at retail. Luckily for me I have two other buildings I can use for this purpose so we are choosing to remove the tasting/sampling/retail space from the DSP. I have also been told that if you charge for the tour/tasting that is the same as selling retail. If you are not charging for the sample/tasting or selling, bottles at retail you may be able to do that. I won't go into the research I did throught 19.54 as you can all follow a chaing of this applying to that in the code.
  12. So I just got this from the TTB agent reviewing my application: 3) A DSP needs to have complete physical separation from the sampling/tasting area for both bonded and general premises because it will most likely involve the retail sales of alcohol which by law cannot be done on distillery premises. This would require a separate entrance from the outside and 4 walls around the sampling/tasting area. The sales of most other merchandise can be done on distillery general premises. It needs to be treated as a completely separate business. On the diagram I don’t see that the tasting bar has its own entrance. I have been in a number of distilleries where the sampling and retail bottle sales are in the same space as the distillery with no other separation from the production facility than a pony wall or caution tape on floor or some similar deliniation. If you have accomplished this would you care to share how you got TTB approval for this. Feel free to PM me. Thanks for you help in advance.
  13. Rickdiculous

    Production question

    Someone please explain to me the cool down before dumping? All the way to 140? Are there specific conditions where this is needed as it was not the practice in many distilleries I've seen? Doesn't this depend on whether your drains are metal or plastic, if you are pumping into containers to transfer stillage to a farmer etc? Just curious what the rationale is here.
  14. Rickdiculous

    Do I need to submit my formula?

    Good question