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  1. HI, Is there anyone still about in this topic? I have a similar problem. I am doing small runs about 15L total volume. The Basket is full It sits tightly between the pot and the column all the liquid from the reflux drains back through the botanicals and i end up with a dark soup left over I have been using the same heat as I use to make my spirit. I have been using about 30g total botanicals p/l (15g/p/l Juniper) The amount of colour increases as the run progresses but does not seem to affect the flavor until deep into the tails Any suggestions how reduce the color taint to my Gin?
  2. Davidksa

    Odin on Gin

    Many thanks, I have a fairly basic setup that can run 20L at a time or 12 for Gin. a simple column / reflux still. It is mainly packed with marbles as most other type of packing arn't available in the country I am currently in. It gives around 92% ABV with a sugar wash when I'm making spirit. I use 40% ABV to distill the Gin. I put the botanicals in my homemade basket and they sit in the neck of the pot at the base of the column so the vapor has to pass through them. Maybe I need to turn the heat down when it gets up to temp and do a slower run? The glass bottle is to collect the heads. Any thought much apprieciated Regards
  3. Davidksa

    Odin on Gin

    Hi all, My first post. I have had a search and cant find any previous questions covering this: I have recently started making Gin, people like it and want it so I must be doing something right but I want to improve it. I have been pounding my botanicals in a pestle and mortar. Is this correct. My the tails come of tainted a light brown], any idea what causes this? Can I add them to my next run? I am finding this forum and particularly Odin's topic extremely interesting and informative. Thanks David
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