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  1. I would imagine that many people would be looking to get a sanity check on their numbers and projections. I spent 11 years in the financial markets myself. I have a good grasp on things, but I am also invested in my numbers and my projections. An independent set of eyes, would be welcome, and could help identify gaps or areas where I am blinding myself, not wanting to see reality. That is what I think would be a great service to those entering the business (like me) and others already in it.
  2. Thanks @bluefish_dist and @Hudson bay distillers I appreciate the help. That was what I was looking for.
  3. I have a pretty solid understanding of the processes involved in distilling, but I keep trying to gauge production run sizes into the still, and linking it back to actual yield. I am going to use round numbers to start to make it easier. If I create a 100 Gallon sugar wash that is 10% ABV at the completion of fermentation. There is 10 gallons of ethanol contained within. The best I could hope to extract is 94% of that so 9.4 gallons of pure ethanol, but realistically if I am using a pot still and with about 85% efficiency, for a single pass distillation. I am likely to only get 7.99 gallons of pure ethanol out (but lets round up to 8 to keep the math simple). I know that I am not going to distill 100% ABV, and will probably get something starting around 180 and tapering down. If I am extracting at around an average ABV of 70%, should I reasonably expect the yield to be approx. 11.4 gallons? Or even just proofing down whatever results from the distillation to an average of 100 proof to have a yield of about 16 gallons? Am I thinking correctly?
  4. Hi Everyone. My name is Bobby. I am here in Panama City, FL. Hurricane Michael blew through and pretty much destroyed the town, so I am no longer 100% on the location of my future distillery. I am kind of waiting to see if the local and state governments might make it more appealing to open new businesses here. If not I will be looking to open somewhere nearby. I am a long time Rum drinker, and I feel that Rum is a appropriate product for Florida, and for the beach visitors we get lots of each and every year. I have been wanting to open a rum distillery for many years (since the late 90's), but I have decided, that the time for waiting has ended and I am going to do it.
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