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  1. I have 6-30 gallon char 4 for sale $290/each. These are 3 year seasoned oak. No nasty astringent tannins from my barrels! They received a nice slow medium toast prior to charring in order to draw more of those sugars to the inside surface of the staves. These were supposed to be char 3 for a customer, but due to miscommunication wound up a char 4!
  2. Hi! I've actually been to your distillery a few times. I met you on one of the visits.
  3. Yes. My Cooperage is in Beecher, about 40 miles south of Chicago. My plans for distillery will be located in a Chicago Suburb
  4. Welcome Aloïs! Your Gin sounds pleasing to the eye and palate. I hope to visit and taste one day! Good luck wrapping your brain around distribution in the US. The federal regs are relatively simple. State laws and county and local ordinances all vary. Lots of good info and helpful people here.
  5. Hello Everyone! I started learning the lost trade of coopering in Oct 2015. I am unhappy (to put it mildly) as a cop. After 8 years active duty Army, I expected more honor and integrity in civilian law enforcement. Instead of griping, I devised an exit strategy. I started a small artisan Cooperage, Crozehead Cooperage Co, about 2 years ago. The business was focused on superior quality, premium barrels. After a rough go of making barrels fast enough to make it profitable, I've decided to move forward with my long standing vertical integration to a cooperage/distillery. I will follow that up by saying, yes, I am a glutton for punishment. That said, I bootstrapped my cooperage and have a small amount to put toward the distillery. I am in the process of writing a business plan and seeking angel investment. I have a lot to learn and appreciate any advice (besides "Don't do it!"). Thanks! Mr Loren Buchmeier Crozehead Cooperage Co LLC 708 623 4700
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