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  1. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a 2-3yr old Irish whisky. Initial order QTY will be 800 gallons, we're ok with barrels or totes. Total annual volume is likely 2,500 gallons. Please email quirk@cardinalcopacking.com. Thanks, Adam
  2. These are all really thoughtful responses folks. Very valuable information. This thread should be pinned! There has never been a sales forecast in history that was accurate. Never. They are all wrong, always. The question is how close can you get. My uncle rides a motorcycle. He says there are two kinds of riders: those who have wrecked, and those who will. You just have to prepare for the pessimistic forecast, but strive for the optimistic one. And enjoy the ride.
  3. Here are a couple articles about how we did it: http://www.cnbc.com/2013/11/22/forget-happy-hour-how-to-own-your-own-distillery.html https://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/12/10/start-ups-turn-to-the-crowd-for-financing/?_r=1
  4. Hi all. We are gathering interest for a seminar this Summer. Please have a look and let us know if you're interested: http://cardinalspirits.com/business-of-distilling We've been in business for 2 years, after 3 years of planning. During an intensive 3-day seminar we will open our financial records to you. We will skip theory and dive into actual numbers. We will cover startup costs, fundraising failures and successes, tasting room financials, distribution financials, equipment costs, build-out costs, marketing costs, labor costs, and actual revenue. We firmly believe that if we had access to this information before we began building and purchasing equipment, we could have saved a hundred thousand dollars or more. Please, come learn from our mistakes, and our successes! Where: Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington, Indiana When: June 2017 (dates TBD) Cost: $2,000 person + $1,500 each additional team member. Price subject to change. No deposit required at this time. We are in the planning stage of this seminar and as such will not require a deposit or commitment until date and cost are official.
  5. 6. Be sure to thoroughly research the manufacturer and talk to as many of their past customers as possible. Check to see if there is any pending or past litigation against manufacturer.
  6. Yeah sorry @3d0g, I haven't given up, just had to focus on other things. I do want to share what I've learned. I need to make time for it.
  7. Hey everyone, just wanted to throw this out there for any of you who aren't yet open, or maybe just want to read about someone else's journey towards building a distillery: http://cardinalspirits.com/spirit-trail/ I'm writing a paragraph or so every weekday about things I've learned so far. Hopefully it helps someone else out. Best, Adam
  8. Hi all, is there any way to download the signed copy of an approved Transfer In Bond application from the TTB permits online website? I can see the copy I uploaded before it was approved, but need the one that is signed by the director.
  9. Hi David - for another distillery we can sell them at $7.75/glass. If you order 50, we can come down to $7.60. 100 and it's down to $7.45.
  10. If you're looking for tasting glasses, we can help you out: http://cardinalspirits.com/market/whiskey-glasses Should be back in stock next week. If you're looking for other bar glassware, we are very happy with our orders from Zesco.com. Libbey and MCIC are both great quality at reasonable prices. AQ
  11. North Star were you approved?
  12. Hi Ed, We are in the early stages of forming a guild of Indiana distillers, so you're reaching out at a great time. We've had two meetings so far at Sunking in Indy, and will be scheduling our next in the coming week or so. Have you been on that email thread? If not, shoot me an email at quirk@cardinalspirits.com and we'll make sure you get an invite. Best, Adam
  13. Salishesea: we can do $7.30 for 200, so $1,460 total. As for glass size and the properties I find the nose works just as well with a smaller volume, but you should try it first to see for yourself. Shoot me an email with your mailing address quirk@cardinalspirits.com Thanks, AQ
  14. We do a $0.15 quantity discount at 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 (so 7.60, 7.45, 7.30, 7.15 respectively). But I can do 7.60 for 36 glasses. I'm getting on a plane to denver now. Shoot me an email with your address and I will get a glass in the mail to you when I return. Quirk@cardinalspirits.com Thanks! AQ
  15. Hi all, We've been selling these little whiskey glasses from our online store and have seen some good traction with them. We're friends with the designer, and he is selling them in stores in Indiana. For those of you outside of Indiana, we can offer them to you at wholesale price ($7.75/each plus quantity discounts), with an agreement that you won't sell them online or in the state of Indiana. They make for a great combination nosing/tasting glass, feel great in the hand, and look very unique. I've written about the reasoning behind the design, and created some graphics you can see at the bottom of this page: http://cardinalspirits.com/market/whiskey-glasses We sell them for around $11 each online, but I think you could easily sell them for more if you are selling from a physical location like a tasting room. The education and experience of tasting using the glass really sells itself. I also had some postcards printed out with an infographic describing the glass, which I would be happy to include with any orders. I left a space on the bottom right of the card where you can stamp your logo. I'd be happy to ship you one at cost if you want to try one out. I'll also be at ACDA in Denver this weekend (3/13/14 - 3/16/14) and will have a few of these with me if anyone wants to try it out. Best, Adam
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