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  1. We are selling a pair of 1000ltr (264gal) Copper Pot Stills made by HOGA (Spain) that have never been used. These stills at 100% copper and include: internal copper steam heating coils, pressure and heat gauges, vertical tub worm condensers, and stands for both the condensers and stills. One still has a 1000rpm agitator /mixer motor and the set up include a copper gin basket that can be connected in line between the still and condenser. We are based in Colorado and may be able to deliver. As we have had them for a couple of years, the copper now looks tarnished but can easily be cleaned back up as per the photos. $42,000 for the pair Please contact me at Graeme@hogbackdistillery.com
  2. Im looking for best advice on avoiding getting a stuck mash while mashing a flaked corn, rye, barley mash in lauter tun. Im hoping that if I use 20%+ malted barley, that I wont need rice husks or additional enzymes, although im not adverse to using either. 1. Any recomendations on a) the order in which the grains are added b) strike/mash temperature ranges for each and c) time left in the mashtun? 2. Would it be advantagous or counterproductive to use the rake?
  3. This is a mash tun rather than a kettle so it does not have a method of self heating. Rather, you would add hot water and the insulated jacket helps to hold the temperature.
  4. Sorry for the delay but ive just seen your message in my spam folder. The mashtun has a cladded jacket but is not regulated by steam or glycol. Feel free to call me on 720 357 9320 if you want to discuss in case future emails end up in my spam folder which I dont check very often
  5. Never used all-stainless insulated Lauter Mash tun. 420gal/1600ltr capacity (60" x 40"). Dished top and bottom with false removable floor. Top mounted agitator, rake and plough for easy emptying. Top mounted manway and front man door. This is part of a system to produce 1 x53 gallon per batch. Purchases to arrange collection from Colorado $12,500
  6. Im selling this Ebara JEM56 centrifugal solid impeller pump as almost new / used twice as can be seen from the internal photos. Following is the spec straight from the suppliers website. Suited for transferring wine (post-fermentation) and concentrated juice. The 0.5 HP motor transfers 3600 liters per hour at no Head. The Casing, Seal Housing, Disc, and Shaft are constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel. The food grade HDPE solid impeller provides a high flow-rate with little power and is ideal for transferring wine to plate filters, bottle fillers, or between fermentation vessels for bulk aging. It also makes for a very efficient, stand-alone transfer pump when making smaller batches. DETAILS Transfer Rate: 60 Lt/min (15.85 gal/min) at Neutral Maximum Working Pressure: 6 Bar (87 PSI) Maximum Liquid Temperature: 45° C (113° F) Maximum Total Head: 31 m (102 ft) Maximum Suction Depth: 8 m (26.25 ft) Connections: 1.0" FNPT Intake & Discharge Motor: 0.5 HP, 110v 1-PH, 3.6A Impeller Material: High Density Polyethylene Body & Head Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel Dimensions: 14.5" L x 5.25" W x 7" H, 12.5 lbs Price $270 plus shipping in original box.
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